Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Finding a sense of calm. . . . . . . .

Sometimes, when life seems upended by unexpected matters of the day, 
just sitting at home is required to calm the mind.

The long, very long, like around the building queue, to get into the 
Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license, 
impossible. 90F, humid, no shade, and of course no seats.
I gave up and came home! Will try another day.

My cousin in England's lovely husband undergoing cancer surgery today,
awaiting good news. 

Hopes were dashed late last week as my newly found American second
 cousin lost her home in the horrific Redding, California 'Carr Wildfire.' 
I'm feeling helpless with 2,848 miles between us.

Some rain showers at night seem to be helping the figs ripen at last, 
however they just don't have a good flavor this year and I will not 
be making jam.

August here already. I don't know about you, but I'm 
already thinking about Autumn, my favorite season of the year.
We will be traveling this month and next, just short trips but to
lovely places. This is the year to spend time with special friends, 
including blog friends.
I need to start packing. . . . . . .I'm looking forward to 
getting back in the sky, and out on the road, to view the 
spectacular scenery we have right here in North America.
It's just so sad to see how quickly it can be obliterated 
by fire and other earth-shattering happenings. 


  1. I am so sorry about your cousins home! Sending best wishes to your relative under going surgery.

  2. The world does seem to be a very sad place at the moment.

  3. How sad your cousin lost her home in the wild fire, and I am hoping your cousin in England finds healing. I like your watercolor/photo.

  4. Oh no, poor cousin of yours (and, no doubt, many others in her area)! I know how lucky I am for never having lost my home for any reason, be it natural or man-made, such as a war or other circumstances forcing me to flee.
    Where does your cousin (and the other people who have lost their homes) stay now?

  5. I'm so sorry your cousin lost her home. Wildfires cause such devastation. There are several consuming hectares and hectares of land here, too. Cancer is such a horrible disease; I'm sorry for your cousin's illness. We are attending two services tomorrow and Saturday, both deaths as a result of cancer; one an uncle, the other my daughter's father-in-law. Such sadness in the world.
    I hope that you find calm and peace throughout your day today, dear Mary.

  6. It seems like there are too many tragedies in the world at the moment. Enjoy your trips.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that your cousin has lost her home in the wildfires. That is so awful. And the other news too, with the cancer surgery, etc. - all things that just make our heart so heavy. I renewed my driver's license last week and thankfully, no lines. Just sitting and waiting for maybe 10 minutes and then I was outta there.

    I'm not thinking of autumn at all - I try and savor every bit of summer - since we have such long, cold winters here. I know the opposite is true for you.

    Will be looking forward to see where your travels bring you next!

  8. Somedays there is just so much sadness. The wildfires have been just devastating. Praying for healing of cancer. It is hard to wait in line for motor vehicles/driving licenses. I must go soon for my car. I will stop at Starbucks on the way to sugar the day in line. We had cooler weather today and it was heavenly, but hot weather is due again. I did get a glimpse of Autumn and it was wonderful. Take care dear friend. Happy travels too.

  9. Hi Mary! Sorry about your cousins home, how awful! Prayers for her and her family. I hear you about the DMV, I would have gone home and went back another day also! Like you I am awaiting Autumn, more so this year than last. Just tired of this weather! It hasn't been a very good summer I feel. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Sherri I went to another DMV location today here in Raleigh - and again had to leave as people had been waiting up to 3 hrs. for service! There were probably 50 people in front of me and we were told to leave and come another day as they could not handle our needs prior to the 5 pm closing time, grrrrrrr! I'm planning to find a small NC town with a DMV and try there!

      Thank you for offering prayers for my cousin - it's so sad for her and her husband (they are in their 70's so not easy to start over after losing everything), plus thousands of others who've lost their homes in the California wildfires.

      I agree, this has been a rotten summer in general all across NC. Torrential rain again today - wish I could send it to California where it's needed desperately.

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