Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Misty Morning. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . and I took a quick look around the garden early today. 
Thankfully the ice is melting now and today will be a time to catch up on
 outdoor errands. Perhaps I'll stop for a coffee out rather than here in the
 same old place looking at the same birds - whom I love but need a break from - 
how many bird photos do you really want to see!!!!!!!

Speaking of which (sorry!) I must just share these as many of you admit to loving
 the gentle Mourning Dove, as do I. Yesterday this pair spent a lot of time on the 
front porch once the sun came out. Standing in the frozen fountain didn't 
seem a problem, he was there for a long time definitely keeping an eye
on me at the window. We melted the ice with hot water several times early
 morning, then left the sun to work its magic.

 Those beautiful feathers always deserve a close-up, I think the pattern is amazing.

Bricks and mortar visible again - hopefully the icy streets are clear and driving 
less hazardous today. Anyway, I'm pulling my boots on, grabbing a coat and will be 
on my way out this morning. . . . . . cabin fever is ending today.


  1. And I'm going to the store to stock up on vittles if the ice storm cometh this weekend.

  2. Mary, your photos of the mourning dove are so beautiful. I also think they have very pretty patterns in their feathers, and I like the aqua blue around their eyes. It looks like you've had some nasty weather there. We are very mild here today and had rain this morning but the sun is shining for now. A January thaw - always short lived but appreciated. Take care out there and hopefully nicer weather is on the way to you. xx Pam

  3. We were finally able to leave our house yesterday. Our road was a little icy still but the main roads were great. It felt so good to get out!

  4. I hear ya on the cabin fever - I have it December - March! Living in IL, the cold weather can't keep us in too long, so we just go out and do what we have to do. It was 41 degrees today, which felt like a heatwave. I went outside to get the mail with just a hoodie on and I said as I walked out the door, "Oh, it's actually warm out here!" lol Guess it's all what we're used to. Now the freezing rain is coming all through the night and into tomorrow morning. I worry about my husband and son driving to work.

  5. Cabin fever is familiar here. We had ice all weekend, so when it was thawed yesterday I hopped in the car, did errands, and picked up a hot chai. Good thing because then the snow started in the late afternoon and we received a foot of gorgeous, white, fluffy snow. This is more than we have had in Portland in 40 years. So I was outside taking pictures and shoveling the walk; but no hopping in the car today or for that matter probably not tomorrow either. I must say it is beautiful, but cabin fever will return. Love seeing your mourning dove.

  6. The dove is definitely looking at you! I sometimes have doves coming to my window sill in the kitchen, where I leave bird food especially this time of year. They always make sure to check whether I am in the kitchen or not, and if I get too close to the window for their comfort, they are off - only to come back a little later.

  7. Your photos of the bird are stunning! We often have a lot of blue tits on feeders just outside the window but I've yet to see them still enough to take a picture. I don't think it's going to happen!😉
    I've a touch of cabin fever today, it's raining heavily here in Devon!
    Jess xx

  8. I'm always happy to see more of your bird photos - they are so lovely. The cold continues here, but no snow (I'd welcome some). Hope you enjoyed your time out of the house!

  9. Personally, I never tire of bird photos. Or seeing your outdoor space. Even on a misty morning it all looks lovely.


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