Friday, January 6, 2017

The body beautiful. . . . . . . . .

via  H&M
Sportswear 2017

I can't help but be impressed with H&M's new line of sportswear which showed
 up online this week - go check it out. Love their video, and all the pieces for
 both women and men look really cutting edge, functional. . . . . . .and affordable,
 something many of the high end athletic wear brands are not.

I'm long past the age of ever looking like this gorgeous gal, and could 
never get my body to do these moves.
BUT, I can still touch my toes without bending my knees, and walk a
 few miles for exercise! 
For that I'm extremely grateful.


  1. mind blowing and incredible !
    loved the photos .interesting post .
    wishing you a Happy new year.

  2. What fun to see. I do occasionally by work out pants for the gym and love seeing what H&M is doing. I was impressed with their things at Christmas when you recommended them. I had looked and looked for cute, nice pajamas for my daughter and couldn't find anything anywhere that I liked. Then I check H&M and found some really cute ones for a good price. I was happy! Thanks! I need to go in there occasionally and add them to my list of places to browse.

  3. Yes, gratitude is good My mother can barely walk a few steps and with her hernia they can;t remove adn other health issues, she can;t bend at all or even really bather herself. So, I think you are doing fabulous! As I;ve noted before, I can;t touch my toes even now! Oh dear me Must stretch more! :)


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