Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Heading southwest to Devon. . . . . .

May 6th saw us racing with the breeze and sunshine through the English countryside 
on the bus journey to the southwest county of Devon.

Leaving Bath on a bright, sunny, almost warm morning was hard. 
I would love to spend more time in that city some day.
There is so much of interest, history and beauty.  

But Devon was calling. . . . . . .family, friends, familiar places. HOME!

iPhone photos only from the bus window  - this is Teignmouth, a seaside
town where I spent many a childhood summer holiday with my dear cousin
 Sue. . . . . . . . .who still lives here, and of course we visited later.
Teignmouth is at the estuary of the River Teign, in these views as we
 crossed the river, but also has a wonderful beachfront complete with
promenade and ocean pier. As children, Sue and I would climb the hill 
in the background and play in those glorious green fields.

Most Devon seaside towns are big on boating - tiny sailboats to huge
 ocean-going corporate yachts.
Arriving in Torquay, we were met from the bus by my cousin David who
 transported us through town and around the harbour to our AirBnB rental.
A new place for us which we found so convenient. 
More to come of course.


  1. How does one properly thank you for a most delightful travelogue .... I have gone back to the day you left the US for home and words cannot express how much I have enjoyed your stories. Thank you a million times.

  2. There is nothing quite so lovely as a Devon, or Cornich, harbour full of boats.

  3. Thank you for this tour of Devon! My grandfather's parents were from the region, emigrating to the US in the late 19th Century.

  4. Growing up near boats and water, and those gorgeous green fields at the top of the hill; a prefect combination! I would love to visit Devon someday, but that may never happen. In the meantime, your posts are a great way to explore.

  5. Beautiful city. I am amazed that the green fields you once played in are still there!

  6. It is gorgeous! I would love living in a village by the sea. Can't wait to hear about your B&B. What an amazing location.

  7. Beautiful views of the harbour and yachts Mary!
    We loved the South coast! After spending a week in London, we picked up a car and spent 10 days driving to Oxford, Bath, Portsmouth to see Henry V111's ship the Mary Rose - amazing. There's something about being by the sea. Then we boarded the ferry at Dover for Calais, where we picked up another car for our time in France!
    I'm ready to do it all again....
    I can see what wonderful memories you must have from growing up in such a beautiful part of England Mary.


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