Saturday, March 10, 2012

Never too old......................

..........for a new adventure!

Who is this crazy man getting ready to fly?  Does it beat rocking on the front porch?

Ziplining, like bungee jumping and sky diving, was never on our bucket lists. Knowing several of you have plucked up the courage and survived flying high above the trees and earth hanging from a cable, we decided to give it a go! On Maui, Paula signed us all up for the zipline experience........she, Kim and Rob having been before.

Here we are suited up in harness and helmet and carrying the trolley which attaches to the cable. This contraption almost broke my shoulder with its weight, but knowing it was the safest type of equipment for flying high above the trees, with full seat harness and comfortable bar to hold, made it all worthwhile.

Have to admit, the most strenuous part of ziplining is climbing up the swinging bridges to the towers - looks easy but really is a workout. Rob and Kim (above), being much younger than us, managed it well - whereas Bob's occasional shove from behind helped propel me to the top.

Rob, Bob, Kim and Paula - note Rob's awesome video camera mounted on his helmet.

We did five lines, starting on a low run to get the feel of flying. I tell you, standing on that first platform and looking down made my stomach turn over, however there was no turning back and I had to fly. Coming in for the landing when the trolley hits the block to slow you down, the force is pretty hard and scary the first time..............that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the remaining four lines, each one higher and longer than the last.

'The Famous Flying Five' on the hills of Maui.

Our 'teacher' was such a delightful guy, in fact all the staff were amazing and boosted our confidence from the very beginning of this flying experience. 

 Paula flying high

This was the final line, almost a mile long and we 'flew' 700-800 feet above the gorge - on this one we reached a speed of about 60 mph..........................

.................and here's me getting ready to follow Paula.  At the end we all agreed we wished it wasn't over and wanted more. If you ever have the chance to zipline, and are not afraid of heights, I say go for it.

Perhaps you've already done it..........let me know. 


  1. I woud love to have a go, but even standing on a chair can make me dizzy I have a feeling its not going to be sometime soon!! Glad you all enjoyed it.

  2. More power to you, my friend! I could not do it as I have a fear of heights. So I will enjoy the thrill vicariously through you!


  3. Mary, you are a very brave soul! I am terrified of heights so won't do it. There is a zipline in the park about 10 minutes from us. Climbing up the ladders to the tree top plus suspended foot bridges between trees are bad enough let alone zipping across the forest floor and open water! I'm glad you all enjoyed it but I'm a bit faint of heart just watching. lol Great pictures. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Isn't it wonderful!? The Great Dane and I did this in Mexico some years ago, and like you, when it was all over I wanted to start all over again!

  5. How brilliant is that Mary ? Looks like Hawaii was excellent apart from a few drops of rain now and then !!

  6. Looks like you all had a deal of fun Mary, but not for me I'm afraid of heights!
    Great photos :o)
    Rose H

  7. You are SUCH a daredevil, Mary! Is there anything you wouldn't do?! I admit it looks fun but I think I wouldn't be so adventurous...maybe with a little urging! ;-D


  8. How fun! I have never tried it, but there are two zip lines here now in the Asheville area.....I might try it someday!

  9. Mary, it looks like fun. I've never thought about doing this, but might just have to add this to my list. I so admire your spirit of adventure! I want to be just like you ~ full of enthusiasm and quest for adventure. ~ Sarah

  10. Oh yes, it is amazingly fun!!!! I loved doing just that over the rain forest in Thailand. We did 24 lines in 2 hours. The climb about did me in to get there. The tropical heat also didn't help. But oh so very fun! I would do it again too.

  11. I did it in Australia and loved it.

  12. Oh my goodness me - looks marvellous but not sure I dare jump off at the beginning. Once I was on the go there would be no turning back would there and the views must be spectacular. Well done you.

  13. I have never done it...but it does sound exhilarating.

  14. Some people. Honestly i'm not sure its' Brave as much as FUN FUN FUN. Mar, you have some very interesting blog friends111

  15. Oh it was so nice to hug you guys this afternoon! We miss you around here! Tell Paula NO to the next trip!!! hahaha You are one brave lady, I would have had a hard time climbing the ramp up to the first zip!!

  16. Dear Mary,
    Not only am I terrified of heights (no ferris wheels for me) I wonder if my replaced hips could take the impact. My hat is off to you, I bow at your feet, I am horrifically jealous ... and impressed! What's next? Skydiving?

  17. Oh, Mary, this is FANTASTIC! I would LOVE to do this...not bungee jump or jump from a plane. Nope, not interested in those two experiences. But, I have always wanted to rock climb and repel, and this zipline experience would be right along those lines! I'm so thrilled that you guys went for it! I know how proud of yourself you must feel!


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