Friday, December 6, 2013

At Revival - Angels from on high.......................

I fell in love with this canvas hanging at another favorite treasure hunting place, REVIVAL near downtown Raleigh. As you can see, it's large, very large. As you know, the cottage is small, very small......large empty walls are no longer available, they never were. Wide, tall, blank walls waiting to be crammed with beautiful works of art not found here. As much as I love displaying art, I would require a non-cottage style house to hang all the paintings, drawings, photographs I fall in love with!

A few more things below caught my eye when 
I stopped by REVIVAL last weekend.........

 I have a few of these interesting metal wall hangings 
from last year - I love them displayed like this filling 
an entire wall, I definitely don't have that many.

 Urns such as these can be used in so many ways.......heavy 
cast iron are best if using outdoors.

This refurbished dresser is a lovely shade of blue. 
REVIVAL does all its own renovation, refinishing and 
painting of amazing pieces of antique and vintage furniture 
found mostly in New England.
The birdcage cloche would be cute decorated for Christmas.  

Gorgeous rose illustrated box of silver-plated vintage flatware.

Still trying to stop by my favorite treasure troves before the holidays get too busy.......and all the good stuff has been taken to some lucky home, or is being wrapped as a beautiful gift for some special person. 
Last evening's visit to the Vintage Village Holiday Open House, especially SuzAnna's Antiques, was fabulous. Met up with lots of wonderful friends (Vanessa and MaryAnn it was lovely), I whispered in Santa's ear, I raised a glass and "Cheers" rang out. Brought home my new red reindeer friends - show you soon - then ran over to granddaughter's first concert of the busy season. Music was lovely and today we're off to another concert after lunch.
Busy and bustling......and much too warm and windy here today.


  1. That is too bad because it is a beautiful print and so perfect for the season. I am the same way with paintings and wall art: have more than I have walls, mostly because I like them big :D


  2. It was wonderful to see you last night too!! Love ya and Merry Christmas!

  3. You may not be able to hang the canvas on your wall, but you can keep it's beauty in your heart and in your mind, and I truly believe that this works it's way into your imagination and down to your fingertips so that everything you do to embellish your home for Christmas will be affected by it. You are off to a wonderful start to the season.

  4. It is a lovely piece! It sounds like you had a wonderful time last night.

  5. Windy here, but cold and a bit of snow on the ground.
    I can see why you would fall in love with that piece of art.
    Same thing here, no room on the walls. But isn't it fun to
    look and photograph and dream? Glad that you are out
    there enjoying the season.

  6. Oh what wonderful treasures are calling your name, LOL!

  7. Strangely warm but all the holiday lights still make me feel Christmasy! The Dreaming of Angels piece is wonderful!

  8. Dear Mary, Another winner...a beautiful new header. Would love to go along with you on one of your treasure hunts.

  9. I see lots of lovely things I could walk away with. There's little wall space left around here but I manage to keep putting things up wherever and however I can. Don't like blank spaces at all. There was another bazaar today and the monthly farmer's market but I decided rather than gp out and spend more money, I would just stay home and enjoy the day. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  10. Dreaming of Angels is exquisite Mary - I would hang it above my large bookcase. My Nativity set sits on top with lots of greenery and lights!

    I'm running late as we've been in the Bay of Islands for a few days!


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