Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Decorating and a Christmas Market.................

I spent part of yesterday working on my Christmas 
decor. I try to enhance what I already have day to 
day scattered about the cottage. Each year I may add a 
few new things I know will work with the French/Nordic 
look I love. This year the tall vintage display dome is 
favorite piece. I'd been searching for one for ages, 
really tall ones - this one is 23" with a large wood base - 
are very hard to locate.  

This fabulous one turned up at SuzAnna's Antiques
How I love that special place. 
Now, thanks to Jenny and Susie, I have my perfect 
display dome which I'll use year round. 

By the way, a great evening is almost here - this Thursday
SuzAnna's Antiques and the entire Vintage Village will 
become a Christmas wonderland with live music, food 
and drinks, lights, fresh cut trees, and plenty of 
vintage and antiques holiday shopping for everyone on your list. 
Starting at 5:30 PM, if you're in the area, we hope to see you there.
This will be the closest southern holiday shopping experience 
similar to the fabulous European Christmas Markets. If, like 
me, you are unable to cross the pond this season.......it will
be a fun night and it promises to be a lot warmer here 
than in Europe!


  1. Sounds like a fun evening. I would love, one year, to visit the Christmas markets in Europe. Last year, we went to a German market imported to Vancouver, and those who have been to Germany said it was quite authentic, with gluhwein, roasted chestnuts, raclette, and accents galore!
    You will get a lot of pleasure decorating that tall cloche throughout the year. I'm intrigued by the framed art behind it - is that there year-round? Newspaper/magazine pages?

    1. Yes Lorrie, I have it there year round. I took pages from an 1800's French book and attached them to a vintage window. I also used more of the pages to 'wallpaper' the interior of that armoire I painted recently.
      I can imagine Vancouver doing a great European style Christmas market - was it at Granville Island? I love that place any time of year!

      Happy week - know we are all busy with so much to do before Christmas.

  2. Very lovely creative decor for sure. The dome makes an excellent display piece.

  3. Love your new tall cloche. There will be lots of decorating possibilities with it. I certainly would enjoy that Christmas market at SuzAnna's. Wish I was handy to it!! I hope you have a fun time there. xo Pam

  4. The Christmas Market sounds like so much fun and you do have the weather in your favor! I would love one day to visit Vintage Village. Have a great time!

    Like Lorrie, I was admiring the pages in the window. Very clever. I have some built in glass cabinets in the kitchen at the lake and this gives me wonderful ideas! ;-)


  5. It does sound like a fun evening - all the favorite things to do during the holidays. I love your decorating - so understated and yet elegant.

  6. We lived, for many years, in southern Germany. I loved this time of year for the Christmas markets found in every small village and large city. To this day, the smell of gluwein and candied almonds brings it all back. We plan to take a winter holiday one year, and revisit the markets.
    Have fun at your market on Thursday!

  7. How lovely! I'm so glad that you found that display piece you were looking for! We had thought about going over to Europe to see the Christmas markets, but decided that the one at Quebec City would be the next best thing. We couldn't go as planned this year, but we're putting it on our bucket list for next year!

  8. Your dome is just perfect Mary! I remember you hunting for one when we met earlier this year. I am glad you found it. I wish I could be a SuzAnna's for the event! It sounds wonderful.

  9. Oh dear Mary, I'm in love with your Advent header - angels heralding the magical season we are in.
    I would have snatched up the tall dome too - a beautiful display.
    Shall I meet you at Suzannes and we'll do some shopping together - will your gorgeous Jasmin be there too!

  10. Love, love the new dome.
    Have fun at the gathering!
    xoxo m


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