Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day 2013...........................

........but memories are fresh in my mind from 
this same day on the calendar in 2010
when we awoke to this.........

 Boxing Day, my favorite day on the calendar no matter 
the weather! It's what I embrace as 'my own day' when 
nothing urgent needs to be addressed, cooked, baked, 
poured, or served at a specific time...........and I 
definitely do not head out to any shops no matter what 
bargains they try to entice me with!
A roaring fire, a footstool, and a great book sound much better.

Today, I'm still in my warm PJ's as, despite no snow, 
it's cold. I'm about to enjoy a late breakfast, before 
uncorking the sherry for elevenses, my lunch just might 
be a healthy, much-needed salad..............and my 
supper Christmas Pudding because we were too stuffed to 
eat it yesterday at Christmas dinner!

So dear readers, hope your Christmas was amazing.
A very happy Boxing Day to you.

Next up, New Year's Eve. 
Do you have plans?
We do - we're going away - well sort of!
More on that later!


  1. Your snow photos are fabulous. We had a sunny-ish christmas day - and mild - which was perfect and just what we like. I like your idea for elevenses - our middle grandson loves to learn about new things - and while reading a book about a young boy in England he found out about elevenses - and so now - with a perfect British accent - he will take his elevenses with his mother - and they do make a big deal of it all, even if it is just a small snack. It is so delightful.

  2. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas Day Mary. Your Boxing day sounds very similar to mine. The Christmas pud is still waiting to be eaten along with some M&S Brandy cream that might get opened tonight. Wishing you a wonderful 2014 full of adventure!
    Paul xoxo

  3. Sounds lovely :-) I am all for lazy Boxing Day!

  4. Happy Boxing Day to you Mary! No, we didn't get any snow. It is cold though! We are going over to a neighbors this evening for wine and appetizers. And then, hopefully after that we can start eating healthier!

  5. Your Boxing Day sounds much like mine. Very desultory. No snow here, in fact, the weather is very mild. We said goodbye to our daughter and son-in-law who are moving over to his parents' home for the rest of the week before returning to Vancouver. I've tidied up a few things, but there are still a few pieces that need picking up. Next on the plan, though, is a book and cup of tea.

    Happy Boxing Day to you, Mary.

  6. Mary, Happy Boxing Day!! I am glad that you are resting up and just enjoy the day! It is cold here in Charlotte too and we don't have snow either. I'm at work right now but will be leaving shortly to head on home. Happy New Year also!!!

  7. Mary, thanks for stopping by to wish us well. Echoing those good wishes back to you and B. I'm with you on kicking back by a warm cozy fire, reading, or just simply relaxing. I did make a run to the grocery store for a few things for chicken soup which the "chef" made this afternoon. Will have my bowl of soup this evening sitting by the fire. Glad to know you are enjoying the same kind of day. Travel on the horizon??? You are amazing. We are here! '-)
    Much love, dear friend………..Sarah

  8. Pretty snow pictures from 2010, Mary. We are getting snow here today. It was calling for 3-5 cm. and we have over 10 now. It's snowed gently all day but it didn't stop my family (brother, sister and their families) from driving up to 2 1/2 hours to get here in the snow. We had a lovely time together and it's an annual tradition. We have no New Year's Eve plans yet. Stay cozy down there. (it's -13 C. right now) :)

  9. I hope you had a wonderful day! We're not planning anything for new year's. We're still trying to catch up from our SC and NC jaunt!

  10. Sounds like a perfect Boxing Day.
    I was fairly lazy and then played with
    Desmond for awhile.

  11. It sounds like you had a great Boxing Day!

  12. Aww, that sounded so ideal and much like how I do Boxing Day too. In fact, your thought about it are EXACTLY the same as mine. Quite agree. Cheers!


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