Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thoughts on wire cones.........................

Recall these? 
Actually there are three, one a bit smaller. I picked them 
up at SuzAnna's Antiques a couple of months ago. 
Nobody seems to have an idea as to what they were used for, 
and I've done nothing with them yet, but I plan to use 
them in my Christmas decor somehow!

Dreary, drizzly cold rain, put a damper on outdoor 
decorating when I was in that mode a couple of weeks 
ago - but I shouldn't complain as many of you have 
much more to contend with, such as huge amounts of 
snow and ice.
Now the sun is back and the temperatures are up into 
the seventies, phew, too hot for me at Christmas! 
I need to get out there this weekend.....the cones are 
awaiting - burlap ribbon, white fairy lights, stars, berries 
and holly sprigs, you get the picture, don't you?


  1. Those cones are interesting. I wonder what they were used for too. It is raining and in the 60's here today. It is suppose to cool down into the 40's and be sunny on Christmas day.

    Received your card and loved it! The red doors were just perfect! Kent and I wish you an Bob the Merriest Christmas!

  2. Oh enjoy the warm days. Will look forward to seeing your decorations.
    What I see of the indoors is just beautiful! Curious also to see what
    you do with the cones.

  3. I'm sure you'll find some pretty purpose for these unique pieces! 8 degrees here today, brrrr, my time outdoors is limited these days!

  4. I hope you share a photo of how you decorate the cones. I'm sure they'll look amazing. Our weather is horrible this weekend with snow, freezing rain and ice pellets. Enjoy your nice temperatures there. :)

  5. I'm sure you made them look great!


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