Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa brought me a 'pinny'...................

Do you like to cook?  
Do you wear an apron?
Do you know what a pinafore is? 
The colloquialism 'pinny' is used in the UK. Is it used in other countries too?
Do you own one of these?

Perhaps that's too many questions but I just wanted to share my favorite Christmas present received this very own gorgeous, natural linen 'pinny' from Rough Linen in California. I recall my mum, and all my friends' mums, wearing these back in the '50's when England was getting back to normal after WW2. Ration books had been tossed as more exciting foods became available in quantity......mums were cooking up a storm again! My mum, being a dressmaker, made her own pinafores, and I had my little girl version stitched up on her old Singer treadle machine. 
Since then though we seem to have graduated to silly skimpy aprons, many of which don't give much protection to our clothing, especially those of us who require more than a sideways sliding mini-bib across 'the girls'! If cooking, they are an embarrassment when having to meet the UPS or FEDEX guy at the front door! The true pinafore, such as Tricia's design, wraps around the sides to the back, with wide comfy shoulder straps, and the entire garment stays in place without the need to tie any strings. The large pockets are very handy........

.....and even if you don't cook much, the linen pinny is great when crafting, gardening, decorating, even for an emergency run to the grocery over your jeans and tee shirt etc. Thrown into the washer, dried gently and hung while still a wee bit damp, it takes on a lovely natural wrinkly appearance, like above, and ironing it would spoil the special look, so don't bother.

Visit Tricia Rose, owner, designer, seamstress at Rough Linen HERE, you will love her story....'grandmother's cottage' etc.  View the beautiful pure linen bedding items and other products she makes..........and be sure to check out the gals wearing their pinafores HERE.

Next year Santa, I plan to be really good all year long. I've always wanted real linen sheets. Just thought you'd like to know when it comes time to start checking your list for 2014!


  1. What a wonderful gift to receive! I am off to check out that site.

  2. Dear Mary, I love your Pinnies. I wear similarly styled aprons, only made out of cotton. I love them all and I enjoy wearing an apron. What is more practical? You can wear something nice and protect it while baking, gardening or cleaning. A quick untying of a couple of strings and you are ready to face the world. Besides, I like the way it makes me look like I'm really working hard. .

  3. Hi Mary - Oh goodness how charming can you get? At my age and being from the South - yes I know about pinafores and used to wear them as a child. Thank you for sharing - I am off to check out the site.
    Sending Blessings and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year.

  4. I just love this, My sister and I had Pinafores when we were little girls and wore them when mom was teaching us how to bake.

  5. Oh My, but I just love your new Pinnie! What a wonderful and practical apron. I think I remember seeing something similar on my aunt but with a flowered cotton fabric. I think these linen ones are perfect though. Love it!

  6. I still have the Hauskleid, or House Dress that I bought in Germany. Much like your pinny, it covered beautifully and looked decent. Women dressed in the morning there - none of those terrible leggings and sweat tops. I'm definitely going to go over to have a look at that web site!

  7. What a charming gift - I've never had one quite like that - but we have something called a Cobbler's Apron - it covers the entire front and wraps around to the back and closes there - strings or buttons. I used to make pinafores for my daughters - but they were more of a decorative apron that went over the top of a pretty dress - not for protection but to enhance the outfit - and usually made of soft white fabrics with lots of lace and ruffles. I guess you'd better start listing ways you are being good so Santa will bring you the bed linens. Happy New Year.

  8. Love this; I'm off to visit the site. I wear an apron but this would be so much more practical!

  9. I like to cook, if I have people to eat what I have prepared. Cooking for one, seems to be such a waste of time.
    I have aprons and use them.
    Love your pinafore, I remember wearing one when I was a child in England, not necessarily when cooking or doing anything messy, but to keep my best dress clean and presentable before going out to somewhere special. Dating myself, am I not LOL

    All the best for 2014.

  10. I had not seen a pinny or pinafore like yours worn as an apron before this.
    Some shop assistants here wear a cobblers apron, usually made of patterned cotton fabric. Nowadays though this is changing as more and more shops supply easy-care uniform shirts and trousers for their staff. My local cobblers were either no apron or a vinyl one. Florists still wear protective aprons, sometimes in the pinafore style. Kitchen workers wear aprons and hair nets or caps. Some hospitality workers wear aprons if they handle food. Cleaners do not wear aprons. Veterinary staff used to wear pinafores or aprons but no longer do so. We have lots of regulations about hygiene in the workplace now; not all of it is followed regarding the laundering of protective clothing.
    Do I wear an apron at home? Sometimes, because I am a grub. For cooking? Sometimes. For cleaning? Sometimes. For gardening? No. How often do I wash it? I replace the apron only weekly, unless it is obviously dirty. Am I an efficient housekeeper? No.

  11. Yes, I do like to cook - most of the time but not when under pressure. ( I find our new family members - vegetarian a challenge some of the time ) I wear an apron and love making bright colourful ones.Some I make reversible so there is a decision to make about which side to start using. My favourite one, I am wearing at the moment is made out of linen ( like a tea towel ). Mine don't go right around like a pinafore. They are sometimes called pinnies - but that was more a term used by my Mum's generation. I think they are making a knitting and other craft...perhaps some things can't be bettered.
    Happy New Year to you in advance!

  12. Oh, yes....I wore them as a child...and my mama made them all.
    I still have our ration books....boy, I sure am dating myself. :)

  13. How lovely! I will check out the link!

  14. Oh smiling! Love this linen pinny for sure.
    But oh linen sheets are where I would be
    headed. Now I must check out this website.

  15. It is lovely Mary, and I really enjoyed having a look at the website. It even looks good enough to go out in.

  16. I went to the site and instantly fell in love with the pinny. Now I have it on my "must get" list!

  17. Hello Mary, I too have fallen in love with your new pinny! is on my must have list as well, but in the meantime I think I will try and make one from an old linen skirt..will let you know how it woks..enjoy wearing yours, a photo would be great!

  18. Now those are the kind I like! They need to be roomy enough with a pocket or two especially for me so when my hands have flour on them they kept wiped off on it!

  19. My dear Mary, don't you know that real linen (and silk) sheets are only given to those of you who are naughty? ;)


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