Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This way to CHRISTMAS.....................

I'm still doing a little just 
seems a nonstop thing around the cottage, perhaps I'll
still be adding odds and ends on Christmas Eve!

I should be baking not decorating.
I have a list of cookies I like to make.......
especially Ginger Krinkles.
I want to bake a Dundee cake because I didn't
get around to a real traditional English fruitcake.
I will bake English mince pies - I know, I know, I've
said that several times now.
I still have to decide on a Christmas dinner......perhaps 
a small ham for DH and a nut roast for me.
There will be vegetables, lots of them.
Remember now my dear British readers - perhaps busy stoking 
your fabulous AGA in the kitchen - I do not cook a 
turkey at Christmas. We just had one at Thanksgiving 
and I refuse to do it again.....roasting two birds in less 
than a month sounds like a vegetarian's nightmare!

I've been trying to replicate a photo I saw of 
the neatest looking stacked books 
which made a Christmas tree. 
Sadly I cannot get my books to revert to being trees 
again. Instead I have this 'different' pile of books, 
bells and balls.

What do you think? Personally I think it's cool and will 
keep it this way.

My decor always includes interesting books. 
Old books, worn and yellowed books, French school 
books, antique illustrated books, leather prayer books.

I really love the miniature Christmas books. 
Their secret stories inside?  
Nothing, just blank pages. 
They are ornaments, but such lovely ones.

I'm off now to really get my Christmas act together.
Yesterday was a crazy day. DH couldn't walk - well he 
couldn't put any weight on his right leg as his knee was 
killing him. We spent 3 hours waiting to be 'worked in' at 
the orthopedic office. Diagnosis is a type of tendinitis - 
he ended up with a big needle full of cortisone and is 
already getting relief thankfully. 
Last night we attended granddaughter Jasmin's big choral
concert at the high was fabulous. The 
radio station personalities presented the $5,000 check they 
won for the school in the local radio Christmas music competition. 
The kids sang their hearts out and everyone felt warm and fuzzy.......
peace and happiness reigned.
It's beginning to look, and sound, a lot like
CHRISTMAS here in North Carolina!


  1. Mary, your images are magazine worthy. I love the book 'tree'. Very unique and clever and quite pretty. Sorry about Bob's bad knee. I hear the needle is almost as painful. Ouch! Have fun baking and preparing for the big day. One more week! It's snowing again this morning and I guess I'll be cancelling my massage appointment as the roads are too slippery. :( Maybe I'll bake something and wrap gifts. Enjoy your day!

  2. I love your stacked books. All of your beautiful touches are making a beautiful Christmas home Mary. I am glad Bob is getting relief. I discovered that the pain in my wrist and finger was tendonitis too, and had shots in both. I am much better now, thank goodness! I wish I could have been at that concert. It sounds lovely.

  3. I always love seeing your imaginative, heartfelt Christmas decor, Mary. You have the perfect touch. Love the books, by the way. Glad your husband is feeling better and that Jasmin's concert went well. We're hanging out here in our snowy landscape- there's over a foot of snow on the ground!


  4. I love your calm and sweet photos - christmas is so refreshing at your house. Oh - too bad about the bad knee - hope all is well with him soon. I think today is day two of christmas baking.

  5. It sounds line you are well on your way to Christmas, Mary. The music must have been beautiful - what a treat to be able to be on the audience for your granddaughter's concert! That would put me on the spirit!

  6. How fun to decorate with books. I have two miniature books on little D's tree.
    Yes, I also thought I would have baking done earlier this week, now I will be
    happy if it is done by the end of Saturday. Packages need to be wrapped too.
    I want to sit by the fire and sip something warm - maybe hot apple cider, tea,
    or a peppery chai. Hope you are taking time to sip a bit. Smiling!

  7. You have a lovely blog. I am glad to have found it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


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