Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Warm and fuzzy required...................

With such dreary weather here in the southeast 
the past several days - think freezing nights 
and drizzly cold days with no sunshine - what do 
we need more than anything when sitting down in 
cozy chair with a favorite book, our knitting 
or embroidery after a busy day...........a beautiful 
warm, cuddly throw comes immediately to mind.
There are some beauties out there and I love the 
knitted ones.........but my personal favorites 
now are the fleece versions because they are 
lighter but still very warm.

This is my cozy fleece throw for the holidays and beyond.  
Around here we usually get our coldest weather 
in January, February, even March......so even 
though my chubby sheep pillow will be tucked away when 
the Christmas decor is stashed, you can bet this soft, 
light, fluffy, inexpensive, washable beauty from Target 
will stay around longer.
Do you have a favorite throw or blanket?


  1. I love the knitted ones in your picture, my color would be the sage blue/green.
    I have a small down throw that both me and the cat just love.

  2. I have an unusual love with blankets and throws, so I have them laying all around the house for when I need to cozy on up. I especially love cable knit blankets and fleece ones {although the static that builds with those is very annoying}. Beautiful selection.


  3. Your red throw is a great pop of colour for the winter, Mary. I have several throws in my living room but my current favourite is a plaid wool mohair one which doesn't really match my living room furniture but it is so warm. In our family room I have a cream and tan plaid fleece throw. Light and cozy for watching TV or a movie, and I usually throw it over me in the summer too as it's sometimes damp down there. I'm cold all the time so a cozy throw is always handy. We are going to have very cold temperatures here the rest of the week. Pamela

  4. Hi Mary,
    I am hopelessly behind on my blog reading and commenting. Have just gotten caught up here and must tell you your cottage is looking so pretty for the Christmas season. So glad you shared it with us.
    Our weather has definitely been damp and dreary... perfect weather for cuddling up under a cozy throw. I have two that are special to me. One is a beautiful afghan sent to me as a surprise by a blogging friend. The other is fleece and so, so soft. I just wish I could find some free time to use them ;-). Tis the season. Ho Ho.
    We did finally see a blue sky this afternoon. Hope you did too.

  5. I have been noticing throws such as your new red one at the store and so tempted.
    I just grab a quilt or blanket to cozy in. Maybe I need one of these.

  6. There is nothing better than a good throw. I love the quality and variety that Pottery Barn has to offer and I have a few, all different weights and thickness. I have to admit that I love cotton quilts almost as much. I was lucky enough to find a catalog years ago with beautiful small quilts, about the size of a throw. I ordered three different ones. Over the years they have become so soft and faded and we all like to cuddle with them or take a nap.

    I imagine the weather has you operating low key, it's very cold here but the thought of the upcoming holidays has us all in great spirits. A had a fire going the other morning and it was heaven when I woke up. The simple things mean so much more when it's frightful outside. It's exactly 1 degree right now!

    We are hoping to get to Asheville in January for a few days. Not the best time of year but we have some business to take care of.

    All the best to you and Bob!


  7. One of my good friends crochet me a warm cozy throw a few years ago, and I keep it on my bed. I watch tv in the bedroom at night and love pulling it up over me. I feel like my friend is giving me a hug.

  8. Oh, that deep red throw is gorgeous!!!! Hmmm, I wonder if I can send Marty over there and he can sneak out with it. Wait. Did I actually type that? Never mind. hahaha....

    I have a favorite throw that I use year round. It is cool enough in the summer and warm enough in the winter. And it is a gorgeous winter white color. I got the throw in Ireland at the shop where it was handwoven. The thread is a mix of slubby linen and a touch of wool.


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