Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Raking, bird watching, shopping, and a long 'to do' list......................

Yesterday I had to do a little Christmas shopping.....I had 
a big one day discount coupon for a department store I like.  
I found some excellent items for gifting, and for the 
cottage some holiday themed welcoming door mats and the 
cutest pillow I'll share with you later.

The big surprise for me was a giant sign hanging above such as these....
the fingerless gloves we all find useful at times.  
Now they are marketed as TEXTING GLOVES. 
The sign kinda shocked me and, yet again, I realized 
that technology is taking over 
everything in our lives.

At the weekend, though somewhat cool, sunshine made 
raking leaves yet AGAIN quite pleasurable. 
We took a porch break and used the Christmas 
mugs for the first time this season.........filled 
with spiced apple cider from Trader Joe's, delicious.
Note exterior Christmas decor was only a star 
at that point........more to be done out there.

Filled the feeder and the birds were busy, including 
the beautiful Eastern bluebird..........

I was bundled warmly for raking, but later I had to 
take off a layer when it warmed up some.

North Carolina's state bird, the cardinal, in the now 
leafless fig tree awaiting a feeder visit.

Remainder of this week? 
I have such a long 'to do' list. Here you can see I've 
accomplished a bit more decorating in the dining room, 
including my little live tree and snowflakes at the window. The 
pumpkins need to go so I can make a Christmas centerpiece 
(but I love them so and really don't want to part with them).
The living room decorating is also proceeding slowly.  

There on the table is my address book and boxes of cards 
needing attention very soon. Several choral concerts to 
attend, the Vintage Village open house on Thursday night, 
and great news, a visit from lovely, wonderful friend 
Vanessa coming to town for that fun evening.
 Then we've company coming from Atlanta at the weekend, 
I need to cook and bake..............will be back soon 
with more Christmas spirit when time permits. 


  1. ... Vanessa is coming to town... I'm laughing and singing my little parody of Santa's song... Oh! I can't hardly wait to get there! Dear, you looked really cute in your warm outfit. Miss you! Love ~ Vanessa

  2. You look so fashionable for raking! :) Love your Christmas decor. Its so pretty. And yes, I saw the "texting" gloves and was scratching my head. :)


  3. Loved the picture of you and Bob on the front porch! Your tree is just the perfect size for your room. I still have tons to do also. But it is so much fun! Of course I would get things done sooner, I I stopped reading blogs!

  4. Well, texting gloves might be okay for the southern climate but definitely not good attire for us up here in the midst of winter! My fingers freeze and get so painful even in my lined leather gloves. The text message will have to wait until I'm in the house I think. :) Love the photos of the bluebird and the redbird (cardinal). Such beauties to see in your landscape. Wonderful photos of you and Bob enjoying apple cider on the porch. It sounds like you are quite busy this week. I know my next 3 evenings will be busy with choir and concerts. Hugs, Pamela

  5. It looks like a lot of fun christmas going on at your house. We should all dress so fashionably for raking leaves. I love the snowflakes in the window - my favorite kind of snowflakes.

  6. Love what I am seeing of your Christmas spirit. Sweet live tree in the corner, so pretty.
    Start on the porch just perfect. Hot Apple Cider is just right.
    We had hot apple cider last evening at our neighborhood associations Christmas party,
    oh yummmmm!

  7. Texting gloves! That does make me chuckle, Mary.
    You look adorable in your violet top, scarf, and hat. Looks like you two are enjoying a beautiful day on the porch. Hugs sent your way……….Sarah

  8. I enjoyed this little glimpse into your weekend, Mary. You and Bob make leaf raking look downright fun. Love the pictures of the two of you enjoying your spiced cider. You look so fashionable.
    Your photos of the birds are wonderful too. I never tire of seeing them.
    All is looking pretty and cozy inside too. The tree is perfect and the snowflakes on the window look lovely.
    Enjoy each and every moment of your upcoming week. Sounds like a lot of fun waiting to happen :)

  9. It's all looking so pretty, Mary - and there you are, so fresh and winter-ready in your pretty hat and gloves. This post made me smile!

  10. Oh remind me a lot of Agatha Christie in that photo on the porch!........

  11. Oh Mary, this post makes me feel all warm and cosy. You and hubby look so wonderful in the low sun of winter. I love this post!
    Warm wishes to you my dear!

  12. It's all looking very lovely and festive, Mary. I like your hat, by the way. You have the most beautifully colorful birds in your part of the country. Wish we'd see some of those amazing red cardinals around here!

  13. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! You two look so cute bundled up and enjoying your hot cider, LOL.


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