Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rudolph's friends, and a fun night out........................

This evening I'll be here at SuzAnna's Antiques.................the entire Vintage Village will be lively and jolly.  It promises to be a warm 65F degrees. 'Christmas Central' will be ringing out for a few hours as old friends meet and exchange holiday hugs and seasonal greetings, Christmas carols will be sung, nibbles will be nibbled, wine glasses will clink, Santa will stop by to see the children, and yes, there will be some serious shopping mixed in too. 
I, for one, will be collecting two of these fabulous vintage reindeer to bring home. I'll confess I wanted all four when I spied them last weekend, but I didn't get them - take note that this is what happens when one waivers! When I got further into my decorating I realized I needed a few touches of vintage red. It was too late, two of these little guys had already gone home with someone else! Oh well two will be better than none

Must run, gotta stock up on some of this magical 
reindeer food - I hear it's Rudolph's favorite snack 
so I think my vintage guys will enjoy it too!


  1. I noticed the vintage red right away, what a pretty shade I must say.
    So glad you got the two and had a good time at the event. I think
    sometimes we get so busy we miss out on the fun. Happy shopping
    for the reindeer.

  2. Sweet reindeer Mary. I have 3 or 4 red flocked ones with silver antlers. I didn't put them out this year. Just no room. I'm glad you were able to get two of them.

  3. Oh, those reindeer are fabulous! Yes, if you waiver you might lose out so I'm glad you at least got two of them.


  4. That's such a great shade of red. Have fun with your reindeer pair!

  5. Wonderful reindeer - you never know when something will be snatched up. I always say - will I be sorry if I don't buy this - and if I don't feel that I will I can leave things behind - but sometimes I just must get them. Happy christmas gathering.

  6. Oh, I bet you had a grand time! Love the red reindeer!

  7. Just checking in once again to see if all is well with you. I hope you well share some of your holiday seasonal posts with us this month for Pink Saturdays. Long time, no see. I miss your smiling face.

  8. You would be the BEST friend to shop with dear Mary!!!
    I can imagine the huge hole in my pocket after just one outing!!!
    Love the red reindeer - they will bring Christmas into the house!


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