Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leather and Nature.................

If you don't live here in the south you may not be sure 
which tree sheds these beautiful seed pods. 
It is the Southern Magnolia, these coming from 
the smaller species called Little Gem. 
Blooming with huge white
flowers in Summer, permeating the humid air with heavy
but lovely perfume........southern nights would not be
the same without the the magnolias.

Heading into the doctor's office on Tuesday - DH was 
hobbling with a knee problem - I noticed the seed pods 
on the ground before seeing the magnolia tree, deciding 
right then and there I would gather some up on the way out. 
I saw a potential natural and unusual Christmas decoration!

....and the amazing laptop case?  
My recent win from the lovely and talented California 
designer Christina here at GREIGE.
She does everything right when it comes to decorating her 
own home, and then helping others take their spaces to 
another level.

Christina's daily blog is stunning, her giveaways are 
awesome.....and recently I was thrilled to win this 
sleek envelope laptop case made from one piece of rugged 
oiled leather and two solid copper rivets from a 
small California company named boutonne. It certainly 
makes a statement and will protect my much-loved 
MacBook Air for ages.

If you've not visited Christina at GREIGE yet you are in 
for a treat, head over to say hello, tell her I sent you,
 see the beautiful things in her home, and for sale in her 
online shop.


  1. How beautiful dear! I'm still having trouble with the name... but I will let you know as soon as I figure it out. Going to visit Greige blog... love ~ Vanessa

  2. Those pods are beautiful, as well as your new leather case. I used to follow Greige, but somehow lost her blog when google reader stopped. I am glad you posted this so I can catch up with her!

  3. Wonderful seed pods, I think that next to the music wrapping paper they look like music notes themselves. And lucky you to win the case - it is beautiful.

  4. Off to visit Greige now Mary - thanks for the tip!
    I love those pods, they remind me of another tree but I can't remember the name of it now, but there is something similar grows around these parts.

    If I don't contact you before, have a wonderful holiday season dear friend. Can't wait to follow your adventures next year!
    Much Love

  5. LOVE those smaller magnolias seed pods! i miss them so much! Beautiful prize you won there. So fits your decor.


  6. Mary,

    Thank you for the sweet compliments and all of the wonderful comments on the blog.. you always make my day!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


  7. The magnolia seed pods will be great to decorate with. The leather envelope for your laptop is a beautiful piece. I'll pop over to visit Greige now. Have a nice evening.

  8. Now I am wondering what you will do with the beautiful magnolia pods.
    I do recognize them from growing up in California.
    Jim use to do leather and actually made something similar for me years
    ago. Now I am wondering where it is for my laptop. Must look. It isn't
    as beautiful as this one, but it seems he did some toolwork on it.

  9. We have quite a few magnolia pods too so I will have to keep that in mind for the next time.


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