Saturday, December 28, 2013

Black Watch Tartan.....................

......I was really hoping for something tartan in my stocking!  Black Watch is my favorite and in the '50's, in my teens, I was an 'it girl' dressed to kill in a pair of trendy wool Black Watch tartan trews with little slits at the ankle. I saved forever to buy them and wore them until threadbare....often with a lovely navy duffel coat. Today they'd be classified as skinny pants or cigarette pants, narrow through the hip and thigh, tapered to just above the ankle. These above were online some months back, perhaps at Zara, along with the fabulous warm looking tartan duffel coat. Apparently neither item would fit in my little stocking hanging on the mantel Christmas Eve! However, I did find a soft brushed Black Watch flannel shirt for my DH - perhaps he'll share it with me - I could wear it around the house on chilly evenings.

If interested in learning more about the The Black Watch (The Royal Highland Regiment) go HERE........and for info. on tartan fabric and Scottish Clans go HERE.

Do you have a favorite Scottish tartan? There are so many to choose from, 3,000 plus!


  1. I do love tartan, but never thought about a favorite. I like the black watch a lot.

  2. Tartan slacks and kilts were very popular when I was in high school too. We had reversible tartan skirts which was kind of cool. You could wear the same skirt twice in a week but just turn it inside out! Being married to a Gordon, my favourite tartan is the Gordon of course. I like the navy, dark green, white and the yellow stripe in it. I have a kilt made from it but don't wear it at all now. Not even sure if it fits me these days. Love that duffle coat in the picture.

  3. I love the Skye tartans. Such pretty colours.
    But as a MacDonald... I have to be loyal to those I suppose. Only problem... there are so many!

  4. Hello - I also wore those reversible pleated skirts and the tartan's in junior high and high school. I didn't wear them until they became threadbare, but I would certainly enjoy wearing them again, now! I did find a pair of luscious black watch tartan pants this fall, but unfortunately they were designed for that same age (very, very, low rise) and I didn't like the fit so they had to be returned.
    Thank you for the memories and the reminder of my favorite tartan, as well! (BTW, my daughter & friend wear the Gordon when she and her boyfriend play their Celtic music as his family is from that clan!)

    Mary in Oregon

    1. Thank you for stopping by Mary - don't see a blog but just wanted to tell you I appreciate your visit and lovely comment.
      Best wishes from Mary

      P.S. Know what you mean about low rise - they definitely don't work for women of a certain age or shape, but my 17 y.o. granddaughter looks good in them, LOL!

  5. Oh, I bet you would look adorable in those pants! I've always been fond of the black watch pattern too. So classy!

  6. Hadn't thought about a favorite tartan. My son likes Black Watch tartan and has several things in this plaid.
    Now you will have me thinking. I had a plaid I loved when I was in high school, but not sure what it was called.
    Oh the skinny pants would be fun.

  7. Very pretty, I can see why you are drawn to the pattern and colors. Why not find the slacks and treat yourself?

    I hope you and Bob had a lovely Christmas. I am hoping to get a post up tomorrow. I have been sidelined with a back problem but I will have plenty of time to whine about that in my post!


  8. I love tartans and we are just buying some new furniture and are opting for a tartan armchair for our highland cottage.

  9. I had the same Black Watch tartan pants when I was young Mary - I thought I was an "it girl" too - ha ha!!
    What memories you've evoked in me - I was a student in Wellington with very little money and had to save forever to buy something nice!
    I had a camel duffel coat - those were the days - what fun we had!

    I love the shoes the model is wearing too - I'll try and find something similar when the autumn things start arriving in the shops.

    GORGEOUS post Mary and really touched a chord with me!

  10. I love those Black Watch tartan pants although I'm not sure if I could fit into them again! I remember my Scottish uncle having a lot of tartan, this brings back memories. Take Care!


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