Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photo Challenge December...........Let There Be Light

These December days are so busy but I couldn't miss 
joining Donna of Cottage Days and Journeys for her 
monthly photo challenge.
Subject for this month, and most appropriate for the 
season is, Let There Be Light.

Noticed this lovely candelabra, one of a pair, in an antiques shop in Wake Forest, NC back in early Autumn when we were out for an afternoon ride. Stunningly beautiful. Hopefully they are now on somebody's table, with pretty candles, and the glow of the holidays is reflected in the prisms. I added a little PicMonkey magic to this shot!

In October, At the M restaurant in fabulous Budapest, we dined on food that was delicious, enjoyed interesting conversation with owner Miklos - that's a sketch of him on the wall - and I fell for the brown wrapping papered walls covered with line drawings of furnishings and objects. But it was the lighting that made it lovely, simple hand stitched shades casting a friendly glow over the tiny space - just a few tables downstairs, a few more up - a place to remember always.

Of course I can't pass up a window shot.......and at this time of year you get my dining room window early on a December morning just after sunrise. A little glimpse of the chandelier and the small tree in the corner also added light to the sun shining through the white wooden snowflakes I always hang in this window for the holidays.

Hope you all stop by Donna's 
December Personal Photo Challenge HERE.
Come join in - we'd love to see you.
This month, check out how much fun it is to play 
with light when using your camera.
Fancy, expensive equipment isn't necessary - all these 
shots were taken with my little Nikon Coolpix S6400.


  1. I always look forward to your creative photos, and I had to laugh when I saw that you even embellished the blog's button for the season! Hahahaha!!!!!! And you are so right that you don't need a fancy camera for these challenges. It's all about learning to use the camera you own to the best of its (and your) abilities!

    The candelabra is so pretty, and I can imagine that someone has already purchased it and taking photos of it in their home this Christmas season! Isn't PicMonkey fun with their special effects? The second capture is cool because of the reflections on the decorated walls. I know you had great fun on your trip. And my favorite of all is the last one, with dancing around the room, filtering through the curtains, and providing some sparkle magic that we all adore this time of year. Thanks for joint in once again, sweetie!

  2. Your photos are charming - light adds such texture and depth to a photo. I love your window.

  3. Love them All but fell in love with the window shot!!! Beautifully done!!
    Happy weekend!

  4. I love a window shot, too. It's always so nice to look out...just as the person did that took the photo. LOVE the very first photo. Wouldn't it make an amazing Christmas card? You have the most beautiful banner, too. Happy holidays my friend!

  5. Yes all your shots are lovely but I too like the last one best. Wonderful soft light and such a beautiful window. I hang snowflakes too, leaving them up all winter...

  6. I love what you did with the button! So clever! Your photos are always intriguing. Wonderful, beautiful dining room window.

  7. These are beautiful and interesting photos, Mary. The line drawings on the wall of the restaurant are interesting and I like the vintage style lamps throwing the light down on the wall. Your dining room window photo is really beautiful with the morning sunlight outside. I do hope someone bought the beautiful candelabras. Beautiful photos Mary!

  8. Window photos are my favorite! And you have done a beautiful job with yours!

  9. These are all lovely shots, Mary. Each one has something special. I love the candelabra and hope someone is enjoying it in their home. Your enhancements really add to the shot.
    What a great window image. Your banner, the snowflakes and shooting from dark into light make for a wonderfully dramatic yet cozy photo. And how fun is the restaurant with the hand stitched lamp shades and brown paper drawings. Rustic and charming.

  10. Gorgeous Mary
    I love, love, love your window shot! It has such beautiful light playing on the crystals of the chandelier.
    A sweet Noël banner!

    Shane XOX


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