Saturday, July 11, 2015

Celebrating a special cousin. . . . . . . .

I have to introduce you to my cousin David who was celebrating 
a big birthday whilst we were visiting Torquay - all birthdays being BIG and 
special at this time of life!
OK, he's younger than me, but not by much! Our mums were sisters and we spent 
a lot of time together growing up. Having not been with him on his birthday 
since we were kids, and knowing I'd rented a house with space to entertain, I insisted 
on a party - although it took a little arm twisting as he's not really into parties.
David was in the Royal Navy for many years - I think the Navy throws parties all the time
so maybe he had his share in his younger days! I know you are visualizing him in 
his uniform right now and how he would be an asset at any party!  
That's just me thinking out loud.

Bob, Marsha (David's wife), David, Jasmin, and Aaron (David's youngest son). 
I was thrilled that Jasmin was able to see this part of her family interacting and 
having fun.  
David and Marsha's daughter Nina with her son Fraser.

. . . . . . . and one of our dearest, most fun friends. I almost forget that Jacqueline, 
in second pic down on the left of the collage is NOT actually a family 
member - but she's always been in our lives despite the thousands of miles 
which separate she and I most of the time. We met BEFORE birth when 
our mums became friends at the pre-natal clinic and we were born just a 
couple of weeks apart - she being the youngest!
Jackie and Nina are good friends too.

As you can see, the lovely weather had everyone moving out of the dining room 
and on to the terrace, even perfect for me as there were no mosquitoes 
to deal with. . . . . . . . perhaps I should move home again!
We had a really fun time - hopefully David has changed his mind about parties
because I may just try to be there in June next year.

Bob and I are spending this weekend in Washington, D.C., primarily for a dear friend's 
funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. It's going to be very hot weather but I hope to 
do a little sightseeing and take some photos while in our nation's capital.


  1. How wonderful that you were able to host a party while on your holiday. Be safe in DC...

  2. The party looks great, Mary; time with those we love is special time - those so often frittered away! I hope the service in Washington goes as well as these things can and that your friend is surrounded by those that cared for him/her.

  3. How lovely of a Birthday. Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday David. May you have many more and yes Mary will probably seeing you next year for your Birthday.

    Your younger then I too.

  4. Sorry to hear you are in Washington for a funeral.
    I must say you party looks like so much fun. I am so glad David had a birthday to celebrate while you were there.
    Oh I have a friend like your Jackie. My friend's mom and friend were leaving the hospital as mine was entering to have me.
    Then we were neighbors and best friends. I hear from Judy every Christmas and would love dearly to visit face to face.

  5. Mary---I love that you shared enjoying each other. Happy Birthday to David! I see that you have gone back to your previous hairstyle and I simply love it!

    Jane x

    1. Yes Jane, I'm a 'bob' gal in more ways than one I guess - decided I wanted to have my hair back after going shorter, this is much more me, easier to care for, and I'm happy!! I know how important family is to you too - you are great parents and now grandparents, fabulous get togethers are your specialty!
      Mary -

  6. How great that you were able to celebrate together ! Very handsome cousin too ! I know what you mean about the hairstyle, that bob suits you.

  7. I like to watch Midsomer Murders on tv and every time with my husband, we notice that or it's raining or it's just finished


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