Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cockington Village History . . . . .

 Continuing our recent afternoon walk through Cockington Village - known now as 
Cockington Country Park. . . . . . . . .

Granddaughter Jasmin and Bob 

 . . . . . . . we visited The Drum Inn, the local pub/restaurant in the village. 
Designed by Edwin Lutyens, perhaps the greatest British architect of the 20th 
century, iopened in 1936 to replace the old village ale house.
One of my aunts was married at Cockington Church and the reception was held 
here, and I recall attending, I must have been about six.

Cockington Court and the cricket pitch where, as a child, I spent many a Sunday 
afternoon picnicking and watch friends of our family play a match - the cricket 
was boring, the picnic food good!
The manor house, focal point of the estate, was built in the 16th century. 
Later, when owned by the Mallocks, friends of Agatha Christie's 
family, she would overcome her usual crippling shyness and perform in 
amateur theatrical productions staged at the mansion.

Cockington Church of St. George & St. Mary.
The 66 foot tower, circa 1210-1230 is the oldest part of the building.

The entry and porch is built into the tower.

The interior of the church today.

The exquisite carved rood screen separating the chancel from the nave.

Stained Glass Windows.

Amazing how a country walk in fresh air and sunshine can make one hungry.
Who would have thought we'd be ready for a real Devon Cream Tea after that 
huge brunch earlier - but we were, and the Weaver's Cottage Tea Shoppe was 
offering the best in the village. The outdoor tables were filled - we waited a short 
while and then were able to grab one and enjoy a good pot of tea, fresh baked 
scones, strawberry jam and real Devon clotted cream - delicious!

Cockington is a special place holding many wonderful memories from 
my long ago childhood years - I will never tire of returning and hope for more
 visits in the future.


  1. This looks to be such a beautiful place and I have added it to my list of trips to be done 'one day!'. I love the thatched roofs and of course the mansion is just stunning. Have a wonderful week my friend xx

  2. Hi Mary,

    How enchanting the village of Cockington is for its beautiful churches, thatched cottages and manor houses - truly a storybook charm, and so very special for you, having lived many of your childhood moments here. How wonderful to recall all those family affairs, and be able to wander through the very places that are in your heart. There's nothing better than freshly baked scones, jam and Devon cream to accompany a hot pot of freshly brewed tea, and I'm sure your visit to Weaver's Cottage Tea Shoppe was worth the wait. Gorgeous pics!

    Thanks for taking us along on this most picturesque tour of Cockington Village.

    Happy Sunday!


  3. A gorgeous place for a walk, Mary, enjoyed the exercise :-)

  4. What a wonderful village. The church is beautiful. It looks like you had wonderful weather while you were there.

  5. I feel I could settle quite happily to life in Cockington village - even more so if you were there too Mary!
    The Drum Inn is beautiful - I've always admired Edwin Lutyens architecture.
    I'm still battling the dreadful jet lag following our 30 hour journey home from France - with each year it gets harder - but I'll keep doing it!!!
    Devon is beautiful and I'm enjoying your posts and reminiscing.
    We've been avidly watching Wimbledon as I'm sure you have too!
    Much love
    Shane xox

  6. You made me fell in love with England one more time....thank you!

  7. Such a pretty village (most of them in England are!) and the church is beautiful. I'm glad you got to have your English tea with clotted cream. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful tour and I hope you are blessed to be able to return again one day. Have a beautiful week Mary.

  8. It all sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cockington is beautiful from the church to the inn, but you know I would notice that tea shop. Oh to have cream tea right there. It looks just wonderful!


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