Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Devon childhood. . . . . . . . . . . .

I know I've shown you my village in other posts from other visits home - but this 
most recent visit was special as I shared part of my childhood with 
granddaughter Jasmin. Even those rusty railings are special to me - the same ones
my friends and I did 'gymnastics' on as kids. It's amazing that they've stood there for 
so many years!

In the village is the 'local'. The Devon Dumpling pub.
Go to this earlier post for more history of my childhood days where, even 
back then, this former farmhouse played a big part.

Still a social gathering place for a pint or a great meal. We had lunch here and 
I was so pleased to find the quality of the food was still excellent and, although the 
pub had been through a rehab since my last visit, all was for the better - modern 
facilities and a nicer outdoor 'beer garden' area, but most of the actual historic 
inside remains as before.
I did miss the older signage - but apparently the owners thought they needed
to move on with the times and the 'buxom wench' has been put in storage!


  1. Such a special homecoming for you dear Mary - sharing past times with your two dearest ones.
    Wonderful for Jasmin to hear all about your childhood, visit the places and share the memories with you.
    I hope I can do the same with 'my three french girls' one day!
    You are a great ambassador for Devon!
    Arrived home yesterday afternoon after the 30 hour long haul back - body in dire need of pampering - skin hydration a top priority after the flights and the European heatwave during our stay!!!
    Much love
    Shane xox

  2. It looks like a fairy tale village! I did gymnastics on a similar type railing growing up!

  3. I'll echo Penny in saying it does look like a fairytale village. Is the thatched house one that you lived in? The pink rose climbing the wall is very pretty. How wonderful for you to be able to share this time with your granddaughter.

    1. Sadly not Lorrie - we lived in a very ordinary house - but had friends in thatched cottages down the lane whom I loved to visit. They always had spectacular climbing roses and would let us cut bunches to take home!

  4. What a beautiful home. Is that where you grew up? The pub sounds delightful and pub food is almost always the best. I remember doing 'gymnastics' on pipe fences too. We had one at the school to hang our bicycles on of course. And of course, boys were challenged to stick their tongue on it in the winter to see if it would freeze!! And it did. LOL

  5. Those are the most delightful homes I have ever seen. And the roses just add more charm. What wonderful photos, Mary. Some to treasure. Deb

  6. Dear Mary you look so contented, going home is obviously good for the soul. Sharing your childhood memories with Jasmine must have made this trip even more special. Maggie.

  7. Just wonderful, Mary. Did we all mess about on railings like that as kids?! Shame about the wench...

  8. How absolutely wonderful. I'm sure Jasmin must have enjoyed the trip tremendously. I know I would have. What an idyllic little village; so unlike anything we grew up with in the States. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Dear Mary, Have so enjoyed your beautiful photographs from your trip to your home in Devon. The photo of the two thatched roof buildings is a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Mary, my comment seems to have disappeared. So........just stopping by to say that it is fun to see these photos. I know Jasmine will cherish the memories from this trip with you.

  11. Oh those houses are just so beautiful. I know I would love Devon, it sure looks so beautiful. This trip must have been a great memory lane for you and unforgettable trip for your granddaughter to see where are you from.


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