Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Whites. . . . . . . .

Phew! Talk about hot.  
I was looking back through my archive and decided I needed 
to come up with some cool looking photos for another day with the 
temperature heading to the mid-90's.

I took these photos at a fabulous shop in New Hampshire which has 
now moved south to New York State. I visited twice (and shopped of course
because I fell in love with just about everything)when we traveled back to 
Bob's NH hometown. I was really sad when I learned 
it had relocated to a town I will probably never have a reason to visit.

So, let's enjoy the Summertime whites - linens for wearing, 
china for serving, sea shells and ocean treasures for visions of 
the always beautiful beach.

What are you doing to keep cool these days?

Edited: After moaning about the awful heat OUTSIDE, our air-conditioning 
upstairs went on the blink this morning, grrrr!  I won't even tell you the 
high number registering on the thermostat as of 4 pm as I go through the
motions of packing for a weekend away.
Right now I'm speed chilling a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc - it will 
help me keep my sanity this evening OR make me oblivious to the 
sweltering heat when I try to sleep!


  1. Staying inside. I have a small blue and white jar like yours. Tea caddy?

  2. It's actually been unusually cool here in IL so far this summer. Today it is finally in the low 80's with high humidity, so I just turned the AC on. Staying inside until this evening when it cools off, then I will take a walk.

  3. Cheers Mary! We finally have a break from our heat spell here in Seattle, but white linen, cool blues, beachy find and a cold Sav Blanc are my favorite ways to beat the heat as well.

  4. I'm thankful for a cooling breeze that's bringing the temperature down just now. Your white linen and cool things post is lovely. Heat can be so very draining. Wafting these fresh breezes across the continent to you. Enjoy the cold white wine!

  5. Though it is still plenty warm, we are finally having a little cooler weather. It has been sweltering the past couple weeks. We finally bought a window A/C for our bedroom. So I can understand your feeling concerning the hot weather. I hope the cold drinks help and you can find some cool breezes in the evenings.

  6. The heat has been brutal here in Charlotte today too!! By car said 104 and that was after it cooled down from 110!! I'm so sorry your air conditioning went out! There is nothing worse than that on a day like this. Enjoy the wine :)!!

  7. That looks like a fabulous shop. Too bad it moved. I am sorry to hear about your A/C! It was 99 here yesterday and about 92 today. I actually like the heat, but only because I know I can go inside to cool off.


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