Monday, July 20, 2015

'The Queen of Crime'. . . . . . . . .

I'm not certain if I've ever told you about Torquay's very, very famous literary lady.
Agatha Christie, crime novelist, short story writer, and playwright, who is often called 
The Queen of Crime, was born here in 1890 to a wealthy family, and grew up in 
my home town. 

There is an excellent exhibit section covering Agatha's life at the small local 
town museum. Photography is usually not permitted, however a very kind docent 
allowed me to take a few photos when visiting there a few years ago, on a 
very quiet day when no other visitors were present!
Last month we stopped in again so that Jasmin could learn more about the 
natural history of the area and enjoy the Agatha exhibit - we couldn't
take any photos inside though as the museum was quite busy.
Agatha, center, at her weekly dancing class in Torquay.

Agatha, center, on Princess Pier, Torquay.

For me this is a special photo. 
My father, who was ten years younger than Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, 
 told me that he went roller skating on the wooden boards of the Princess Pier at 
the harbor, and that he saw Agatha and her friends enjoying this sport.
It wasn't until I saw this photo in the museum that I actually had proof - I always 
thought he might be kidding me!

Jasmin 'meeting' Dame Agatha in Torquay.

Dame Agatha Christie was a great storyteller. 
Her own life was a different and quite interesting story also. 
You may have read many of her books, seen TV series such as Hercule Poirot 
and Miss Marple, and watched movies made from several of her books, such as 
Murder on the Orient Express.
If you want to know know about this novelist and her sometimes strange life, including
her mysterious disappearance in 1926, you can find the all details HERE.


  1. Eat your heart out Torquay she is Buried in our Village.

  2. Yes Bill, she is buried in the churchyard of St.Mary's in Cholsey as her later home Winterbrook House is nearby. It looks like a lovely village with an interesting history.
    Thanks for stopping by - hope your village is enjoying wonderful summer days.
    Mary -

  3. Fun post as ever, Mary. What WERE those young ladies on..???

  4. Yes, Agatha Christi was a marvelous story teller. Have certainly enjoyed her novels. Thanks for sharing this post. You and Jasmin look so cute together!

  5. Lovely to read a little bit more about Agatha Christie. I do love her mysteries. Funny how I've always thought of her as older, as those are the images I've seen. It's great to see these photos of her younger days and see how she enjoyed fun and friends.

  6. Loved reading your post today and finding out about her disappearance. I know I have watched Miss Marple, but not sure I have read any of her books.


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