Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Lasagna Day. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . was today!
Hope you didn't miss it.

I try to cook mostly from scratch but today 
I didn't spend any time preparing a baking dish full
of lasagna noodles, not even those quick version ones which 
you don't have to boil ahead. The better tasting noodles that you 
pre-boil must then be rescued, all heavy and slimy, from the
 gigantic pot of water steaming up the already hot kitchen,
definitely not a job for July in the south.

Yesterday at Costco I found the perfect - for us - lasagna.
No meat, no unctuous too sweet or too salty red sauce, and no thick
chewy pasta.
We really enjoyed this lighter spinach and broccoli version
with just enough béchamel sauce and cheese between a minimum
of thin pasta noodles. It wasn't frozen and took only 30 mins. to bake
to a golden bubbling top.
Enough for supper on National Lasagna Day with plenty leftover for 
another two meals.
I think I would even enjoy this cold with a little Cesar salad on the side. . . . .
it would make a cool lunch on a stifling Summer day.


  1. Mary, this looks wonderful and not overdone with the cheesiness. We will have to look for this next time we make a Costco run.
    Stay cool. It is a miserable 108 here. I'm mellllllting.......

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  3. Oops, I'm afraid I did miss it :).
    I think you have the right idea for enjoying lasagna in the swampy south in July. I wish we had a Costco nearby as that looks delish! I'll have to check the offerings at BJs and Sam's Club.

  4. Yummy! That looks good! I am going to check out my Costco and see if they have it!

  5. Lasagne is yummy. I love your block. Thanks for coming over and visiting my rainbow post. Have a great Friday.

  6. It sounds delicious! I was going to make lasagna on Saturday, but maybe I should go to Costco instead.


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