Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shelter from the storm. . . . . . . . . .

Torrential rain, booming thunder, lightning illuminating the black skies.
All happened this morning around 10 AM as a bad storm passed through.
The dry garden is refreshed. 
The bird baths are overflowing. 
The robins are pecking at wriggling earthworms. 
The sun is now shining. 
It's so hot and humid.

I grabbed my camera when I noticed a titmouse sheltering from the storm
on the porch candolier.
Sorry, the photos taken through the steamy windows are somewhat blurred.
He/she came with a seed in its beak, probably from the feeder filled yesterday. 
Little birdie stayed on the front porch for the duration of the storm,
but after about 15 minutes dropped the seed, then spent 10 more minutes 
looking down at it. I missed seeing if it picked it up again before flying off when
the rain stopped. 
I love knowing the birds enjoy our front porch and must feel it is a safe shelter.


  1. Hi Mary! What a wonderful moment - glad you had your camera!! I need to catch up with you. I've been away in Maine; just came back to DC for a brief stay. Hope you and Bob are enjoying your summer. xoxo

  2. How sweet is that. So pretty.

  3. Definitely sweet to have refuge on your porch. Pretty bird.

  4. How sweet that the tufted titmouse found shelter on your porch. Great pics!

  5. Great photos and love that we love watching birds and their behavior. A gift to be sure.

  6. What a pretty sight to see the titmouse taking shelter on your porch. I'd enjoy a good thunderstorm - we rarely get them here. Sorry it's so hot and humid for you. Weather seems so extreme from one area to another this summer.

  7. It's so great to see that sweet bird enjoying it's shelter through you camera and watchful eye, Mary.

    Our weather has been wretchedly humid here as well, and my skin decided to give me a horrible double dose of eczema and hives. Thankfully, my doctor prescribed an OTC antihistamine but it knocks me out 2 hours every afternoon (an aside-I sort of love the little nap!). And I know you've not been blogging so much but I have to tell you-and not for sympathy, I fractured my arm in the early part of July. I'm fine-the cast comes off in 8 days and that will be a tremendous relief. Silly me tried to climb on a chair to turn on a ceiling fan and the whole thing slipped out from under me. And to think I'm afraid of ladders! Well, we can have a few laughs later on, right?

    Keep up the cute posts. We have titmouse at the lake, love them so much.

    Jane x

  8. It's great when those kind of things happen. Particularly if you get a picture of it. Even if I have a camera (or phone) with me, by the time I've sorted myself out, whatever it was has got bored and done a runner!

  9. Love your photo of the bird. great that your camera was near by. We desperately need some rain the garden is so dry the flowers are suffering and the grass is scorched brown.

  10. Love these photos, Mary. It's like your porch is known to all the birds as an Official Shelter!


  11. The photos are wonderful, what a sweet post.

  12. What wonderful photos. Greetings!

  13. Great bird captures even through a steamed up window! Love the monochrome vibe, too.
    bon weekend ma chere.

  14. How wonderful that this cute visitor had your porch to shelter in Mary, and that you had your camera handy (of course you did!) xx


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