Thursday, July 9, 2015

Southern Garden in July. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We're continuing to breathe in torrid, humid, sticky air as the temperatures 
remain stuck in the 90's, and have been for almost a month.
Today we should see 98F by mid-afternoon. 
The garden is now sad. . . . . patchy, browned out grass, nothing much blooming, 
color mostly just shades of green.
Gardening in the South is on the back burner at this time of year.

I planted very little this Spring. Knowing we'd be traveling often and not wanting to 
bother the neighbors with watering chores, I just said forget it - there's always next year.
 No veggies, and no annuals for color other than seeds in pots for these annual 
morning glories - they seem to survive with little attention.

There's something magical about waking up to blooming morning glories - wide awake 
and clambering up whatever they can wind their tendrils around - here mine grab on to 
the jasmine vine, and the old peeling paint potting bench which to me is just too pretty to 
repaint - yet! 
They are glorious in the morning, then close their petals in an almost audacious swirl 
by afternoon. This continues daily for several months come rain or shine.

I did purchase two hanging Boston ferns for the porch on my return from 
England - I'd even put that off because they would require drinks and daily misting 
in the expected high temperatures. 

So gardening friends, I have nothing much to show you right now. 
Soon I'll be sharing more of my dear friend Jackie's beautiful English garden. 
You'll then understand why I could easily move back just to be able to 
grow real cottage garden flowers.


  1. Your porch looks fantastic ... as does your Morning Glory! Here in the UK we have to have something to compensate for all that rain, so maybe we deserve those cottage garden flowers !! :-)

  2. Thank you Jane - nice of you to stop by and comment. I see you are a super gardener - beautiful flowers and landscaping, and yes, the rain to keep things healthy and blooming! Perhaps your area is escaping the heatwave in the UK - I think my Devon is stifling right now, fortunately it was just pleasantly warm and dry whilst I was there a couple of weeks ago, in fact perfect!
    Mary -

  3. Those morning glories are so pretty! I love your chippy painted bench. It looks wonderful. I can see why you would be interested in moving back home. From the pictures you shared it is a lovely place!

  4. The blue of the morning glory is really stunning. What a lovely thing to have climbing onto your porch. It's still very warm here but the suffocating heat of last week has eased a little. Or maybe I'm more used to the heat after visiting Spokane over the weekend where it was blistering! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of an English garden - cottage style. Hope the heat eases for you soon,

  5. I planted blue morning glories and they are growing very fast. I can't wait to see the first flower ! My earliest memories are of morning glories outside the kitchen window when I was a child. We lived in San Diego. There were hummingbirds in the morning glories every day. Magical :)

  6. I feel your pain and disappointment, Mary. We aren't having the heat we normally have, but still the garden doesn't look all that perky. Eager to see the English garden. ;-)

  7. Oh Mary, your Morning Glories are, well, glorious. I planted some this year for the first time and look forward to them blooming. Love your porch. Deb

  8. The colour of your morning glory is gorgeous! I've grown them here before but they don't bloom until August and then only for a few short weeks. Have a nice weekend and keep cool. xx Pam

  9. Morning glories are beautiful!

  10. Beautiful morning glories - because I was travelling to India I omitted to plant morning glory seeds, and by the end of May regretted it, so I just popped the seeds straight into a pot outside, and they are growing beautifully. Thats it no more bothering with planting seeds, potting them up and then transferring them. They are behind yours, but should arrive soon.

  11. Your morning glories just make me smile. We have never had much luck with them. I hope it cools down to a lovely 80 for you soon.


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