Tuesday, July 7, 2015

'Proud as a Peacock' on Dartmoor ----------------

A day out on Dartmoor, included a stop for a snack at this very special place. 
I think we enjoyed the wildlife more than anything else - this bevy of peacocks 
(you can just see one rather plain brown peahen in the last pic) being the 
main attraction.
Such magnificent birds who cry loudly like babies, and who seemed to enjoy
fluttering on and off the cafe's roof.
Strutting their stuff, they were definitely fun to watch, and those colors,
those beautiful colors. The male's train feathers can grow up to six feet in length. 
Isn't Nature marvelous!
Did you know that peacocks shed their beautiful train feathers naturally
after the mating season and then grow new ones?
Thankfully they can then be gathered and sold without any harm to the bird.
Birds such as these in the wild often live for up to 20 years.


  1. They are beautiful birds and you captured them wonderfully!

  2. Wow! Mary, such beautiful photos. That sure brightened my day. :) Deb

  3. It is good that peacocks are spectacularly beautiful because otherwise, they can be such a nuisance. I did love to watch ours and collect feathers. Couldn't keep them home though nor control them in any way.

  4. What a beauty!
    You obviously had such a good time revisiting your 'home', I'm sure you miss it a bit now you are back.

  5. Such magnificent beauties! Of course they must strut and shine.

  6. La creación es una belleza y aquí tenemos una muestra de todo lo hermoso que nos han dado..

    Gracias por compartir este magnifico blog

    Con cariño Victoria

  7. Such beautiful photos.........as always. I have thoroughly enjoyed your recent travels. Many thanks for taking us along.

    (I wish I knew the answer to downsizing..........a lot of us seem to be struggling with that one.)

    Farm Girl in SW VA

  8. Such stunning birds and as always, you take stunning photos. Great facts about this bird. I may be straying from the subject but I have a Quaker parrot that is 11 years old---they can live to 30. My luck she will...she's a bit mean but seems to adore Alan!!

    Jane x

  9. Mary, peacocks have always been a favorite. Your pictures show all the wonderful details. Thanks for the information. Love it!

  10. Peacocks are such gorgeous birds. Your photos do them credit. I just love the rich turquoise and blue colours.

  11. Peacocks are so gorgeous aren't they. Well, the males are that is. :) Beautiful photos Mary.


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