Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keeping house in Summer. . . . . . .

It's SO hot here this week - just checked the local weather and the temperature 
is 90 at noon and climbing steadily to 96 in the late afternoon hours.     
Horrible, sweltering heat. It almost dismisses any thought of leaving the 
air conditioned house, getting in the air conditioned car, 
to get to the air conditioned shops!

Staying home and keeping house seems the best policy on days such as these.
A little time moving things about, dusting here and there, Swiffering the floors,
refreshing the damp towels, creating a big cool salad bowl, whizzing a fresh fruit 
smoothie (with a little kale tossed in of course) for a cool snack.
Well I've done all that. Now I have to move about a bit so have made a nail
appointment for late in the afternoon, yes I know that means sitting, but first I'll run 
couple of shopping errands which will give me a little walking inside where it's
cool hopefully.

How are you handling the heat of Summer?
If you tell me you're chilling in your pool, dipping your toes in the ocean,
collecting seashells along the shore, or boating on the lake, I'll be envious, 
but I hope you have wonderful time!


  1. Well, misery loves company because it's too hot here to do anything outside. I only wish I was lolling on the beach somewhere cool.

  2. Today I drove back up to Hendersonville and met Penny (Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen). We did a little antiquing and had lunch. It was about 89 in Hendersonville and it is 94 here in Greenville. Your salad sounds great!

  3. Sweltering here too, though today has cooled to a more comfortable temperature. The weekend was 100 degrees. Some fans and a window a/c in the bedroom have helped some. Hope the nail place is air conditioned. Oh my we have good friends moving into their house tomorrow in Greensboro in your weather. Wouldn't want to be doing that.

  4. We had a very hot weekend, but it's cooled down now so I feel like doing something. When it's sweltering hot, my energy drains and I feel like a slug. Hope the temperatures moderate for you soon. (I won't tell you anything at all about boating this past weekend in the heat.)

  5. Hi Mary,
    Thank you for your recent visits. I've been a bit lax about getting around in the blog world myself. Must be the heat. I, too, find myself content to stay inside with the A/C blaring. Growing up in the northern part of the US, I find it odd to be sequestered indoors so much in the summer. There we could hardly wait for summer to arrive and then it was outside as much as possible until the snow flew.
    I have been enjoying our big thunderstorms each afternoon. The garden is greening up which is a welcome sight.

  6. I am beating the heat by living in the Pacific Northwest - very northern Washington - we had a few hot days like Lorrie said and then it cooled back down. We bought a big window air conditioner because we were having company for two weeks and the forecast was for hot all that time - though it changed and the second week was cooler. I don't mind though - for those days when it is hot and I'm not enjoying the heat I can turn on the AC and be cool as a cucumber (however cool that is). I love it when the days are cool and I can tend to house chores in comfort.

    Hope your heat abates soon - we lived too many years in the S.CA desert - never again - now that was HOT!!

  7. Well, all thoughts of the chill air of North Carolina have vanished with your post. We, here in Houston, where it is horriblyhot, always believe North Carolina to be the most wonderful state as it is so beautiful. And, I thought people escaped to there to get away from here?

  8. Well it's too hot here on the coast of NC to go to the beach. The sand burns your feet and the humidity takes your breath away. I think a trip to the mountains might be the best place! I love your pretty tablescape with the Santos. The pretty shell dish reminds me of our lovely coast.

    Try and stay cool.



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