Saturday, July 25, 2015

Movie matinée . . . . . . . . .

We took a break from some heavy cleaning yesterday - staying indoors is so 
much cooler these days that even household chores aren't so bad!
 Noting in the morning paper a movie I'd been awaiting had opened, 
we headed to a local 'art house' cinema just up the road for the early matinée.

What a fabulous movie Testament of Youth proved to be. 
Based on the true story of Vera Brittain's best-selling memoir,
it was beautifully filmed in several English locations including Oxford, Yorkshire, 
Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Greenwich, London. Although scenes of the 
devastation, futility, and immense sadness of World War I brought tears and a lump to 
my throat, the acting, costumes, and on point period settings of the scenes, made 
for a breathtaking, enjoyable movie.
Speaking of acting, the entire cast did a splendid job. Alicia Vikander, a stunning
 new to me actress, plays Vera. She's in almost every scene, and is truly amazing.

Hope you have a chance to view this movie, especially if you're a history buff. 
Bob and I were enthralled. I left the cinema thinking it's one of those films I could 
watch again and again, and that doesn't happen to me often.


  1. Hi Mary, This looks like a wonderful movie and I'm wondering if it's to be in regular theatres. Perhaps it will be on Netflix in a few months. :) We enjoy a lot of BBC series on Netflix and are always looking for new ones to watch. I'm wishing I could enjoy some heat up here! It's been a chilly, damp and cloudy week or so and it is a bit depressing but I'm thankful to have had all my birthday celebrations to keep me occupied and my spirits up. It looks like next week will be my kind of weather with heat and sunshine!! I hope you are keeping cool....perhaps a visit to the Maritimes of Canada is in order. :-) xxx Pam

  2. This sounds exactly like the sort of film I would like. It doesn't play here yet but I've put it on my watch-list. It is amazing how many stories are coming out about WWI now that we are marking the centennial.

  3. hi, new to your blog! That's quite a ringing endorsement, and my hubby is a huge history buff (masters in it, actually), so we'll have to look into it. We love Kit in GoT. :)

  4. Thanks for the movie recommendation. It does sounds like one I would love too.
    Good luck with the cleaning and heat.

  5. Oh I would see this just for the locations ! Thank you for this .. I will see if I can see it here .

  6. I love how this had you enthralled---I trust it's a movie worth seeing.

    Jane x

  7. I will add it to my Netflix list. It sounds like something I would like.

    1. Penny, it's just out in cinemas so won't be available for a while on Netflix. Perhaps it will play in a cinema near you - if so I think you'll enjoy it - the scenery is beautiful, the acting superb.
      Mary -


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