Monday, July 6, 2015

Creature comforts!

Yesterday's visitor - with bird feeders empty around the garden, this little guy 
brought his own toadstool for breakfast!

No time to play here today - lots to get done around the cottage whilst my dear 
husband continues to enjoy his birthday (yesterday) in New Hampshire 
with his older brother. They love to meet up in their hometown over the Fourth 
for the three B's - baseball/beer/beef - none of which are on my list of favorites,
or my sister-in-law's come to think of it. So, we allow them be 'boys' again for a 
few days a year, haha!

Meanwhile, I'm using this time to start downsizing. 
We are not moving, although I could do that quite easily if the 'three B's' guy 
was in agreement. I am definitely not a minimalist, and at the rate I've been
collecting things over these past years I could become a hoarder, dreadful 
thought, if I don't start sorting through stuff right now.  So time has come to 
devoid myself, the cottage, and hopefully my husband, of all the extraneous 
'stuff' which is now cluttering up our golden years. 
Wish me luck please.
Any tips would be helpful - how many white side plates do two 
people really need anyway?


  1. After moving 19 times in 36 years, I am all about decluttering! In fact while I was packing this last time I said to Mr. Comforts, "do we really need 3 sets of china, plus extras of dessert accent plates?". He thought we did, lol. So I packed them.

  2. I hear you! Since moving here, I've inherited much stuff from maternal grandparents, all of my parent's stuff (only child), and DH has recently inherited his parent's stuff (only child, too). Oh, and we have 43 years worth of our own stuff. Our sons don't want much of it, so glub, glub! I've been astonished and dismayed at how many things my heartstrings seem to be tied to.

    Did I mention we shudder at the thought of holding an estate sale?

    Wishing you well!

  3. Please tell me when you figure it out. I too have two houses full and a barn and garages full and am too overwhelmed to even start. I think I waited too long and don't have the energy to do it now. My kids said not to leave it for them to deal with. I thought they would want things but they don't. Guess I'll have to have an estate sale though it galls me to have to pay 30% to the sale people.

  4. Oh how I need to do the same. It would help a little if others were ready to claim their "stuff". I am ready to throw away. Good Luck!

  5. Oh, good luck with the decluttering. I've moved so often during our marriage and I get rid of stuff every time. But more stuff does accumulate and it's been 3 1/2 years since the last move, which we hope will be the last for a very long time. When you are alone is a good time to really dig into a task. I hope it's been going well.

  6. Oh I wish I had great advice. I will see how it goes with you. One thing is certain, if you cull it, you'll be looking for it one day. At least, that's my story. What fun that your husband is having some time with his brother and that you do not begrudge him that time. I was just looking around having not been here in too long and I see that some evening when I need some magazine therapy, this will be the place to be.

  7. I love that Bob is having a tradition with his brother, Mary. And we wives have our own tradition of being alone to do what we want! De-cluttering is something that I'm always pushing myself to do but instead I find new places to store things! Is that just me? I think the key is to do it a bit at a time or you just feel overwhelmed. Good luck to you.

    Just checked back to look at a few previous posts I missed. Oh, Mary, how sentimental it must have been to visit Devon. The pretty thatched roof cottages and harbor views, the delicious meals...your pictures had me swooning. And beautiful Jasmin...I know she will have these memories with her for her lifetime.

    Thanks for your visit, I know you've been traveling and spring and summer is a busy time at your cottage. It was great to hear from you! All is well here except for a few glitches with a hand injury and too much on our plates right now but you know---life is that way. ;-)

    Love to you and Bob...hope he had a wonderful gastronomical celebration!

    Jane x

  8. My best tip would be to read the Mary Condo book - it changed me!

  9. Hello Mary,
    I sure do I have been 'trying' to de-clutter for about 5 years now and made very little progress. Our emotional attachments to our parents' beautiful things and our own lovely things makes it very hard...and today's generations seem to have little interest. But when they reach age 60, then maybe they will wish they had a few very treasured family I hang on to precious items, secretly hoping I can take them to heaven with me! Please pray for me as I will pray for you...that we get this task as to enjoy the golden years in 'freedom' and as God would have us...walking closer to Him, literally and figuratively and free to travel.... It would be such great fun to meet you one day!!
    Hugs from a devoted NJ reader, Mary (with a Bob).

  10. Now that is a challenge, Mary! Each year when I put the Christmas decorations away is when I stroll through each room in my house to see what else I can get rid of. Then I have a place in the basement it all goes and if I don't retrieve it from the basement I know it is time for it to go. Good luck! Glad your Bob could celebrate with the boys. Send him Happy Birthday greetings!

  11. Mary, we've lived in GA and NC for our entire lives. Loved it but it is much too hot, too much sun on our older skin, and the ice storms wear us out. I finally put my foot down and told my husband " we ARE moving!" as a retirement present to ourselves. He picked out GA and NC and I did what he wanted all our lives now it's my turn. I picked out a place in Oregon and we move in two weeks! Don't give up on the dream.


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