Monday, August 28, 2017

A Sunflower Season. . . . . . . . .

School starts back here today, a big day for so many children.
A new school year full of promise.

As I stepped outside to head across the garden to my neighbor's home,
 (I've been house/Ms. Nala cat sitting for the past ten days), there was a 
definite welcome change in the air, cool with a crisp breeze. Lovely!

They have enjoyed the sunshine and heat. . . . . . and have given me so much pleasure.
My own little sunflower patch here in the garden.

Now their seeds are drying, readying for visits from the birds and squirrels. 
Feasting will begin soon.
With leftover figs and plenty of sunflower seeds our garden is a popular place to visit.
The bowing heads of sunflowers. . . . . . . even as they fade and display 
their tattered beauty, these amazing flowers still manage to brighten
 the sunny morning.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Mary. They have been exceptionally beautiful here, too, this year. I look forward to seeing the birds enjoy them.

  2. Sunflowers just shine even in their demise. Beautiful!

  3. Ohhh glorious - love the sequence. Looks like happy critters all around. Happy week ahead my dear.

  4. There are sunflower fields around O.K.'s village, where I've been all weekend. It is wonderful to see the bright yellow while we are out walking or running.

  5. Beautiful Mary ..... I particularly like sunflowers when they are just begining to open as in your first photograph of them but,they are lovely at any stage .... a very happy flower !!! XXXX

  6. Love your sunflowers Mary. They are my favorite variety. Looks like some are ready for collecting seeds.

  7. What beautiful sunflowers! A close-by neighbor is growing some by their fence and I can see them every time I look out my bedroom window. Always brings my heart a little cheer.

  8. I love how in touch you are with the cycles of nature by being in your garden or even watching it from the windows in the dead of winter. There are always so many things to note. Every time I come here and you share your photos, I feel like I've jsut been walking through the garden alongside, hearing the buzzing bees, the chips of the bird or what have you. Ahhh...


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