Thursday, September 20, 2018

Carolina wrens forever -

. . . . . . . . and even in the winds brought by Hurricane Florence.

My pair of sweet wrens stayed around all through the stormy days - looking 
for insects, chirping loudly, and taking shelter on the porch when the rains
were drenching everything. 
The sun is back at last and things will be drying out.
We had limited time to do a complete clean up outside before leaving for
 Canada very early yesterday morning. It will wait for our return.


  1. Oh those sweet intrepid Carolina Wrens. So you’re happily in Canada? What a difference a day makes!

  2. Poor little birdies. I am so sorry for all the troubles that Florence brought to the humans and animals. There will be years of troubles for many and sad hearts for a long time.

  3. I alway love to seeing your bird posts Mary and this is a beauty,
    They look quite happy but I can see by their feathers they have been in the rain!
    Did you use a zoom lens?
    I have a zoom on my LUMIX but it’s not great, I must do some research and get a more reliable camera!… could it be the photographer haha!
    Anyway lovely to see Mr and Mrs Wren survived the awful battering of Madam Florence!
    Awaiting your Canada update with great interst😘

  4. They are such sweet birds, Mary. Enjoy your stay in western Canada. xo

  5. Good to know they were clever enough to seek shelter on your porch, and seem unharmed! Yes, indeed the mess left behind after Florence will patiently wait for your return from Canada.

  6. Safe travels Mary. How wonderful the wrens continued their lives in the shelter of your home. I love when our local birds shelter on our back deck in heavy rain - different species all decide to be friends while the rain pours down! x

  7. What an absolute delight! I love seeing wild birds take shelter under the eaves or our pergola during our summer storms. They are always welcome.

  8. Gosh, those really are adorable. So sweet.


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