Saturday, September 29, 2018

October's Imminent Arrival ~

Did you know that Country Home - the magazine we all missed 
when discontinued some years back - is being published again?
I recently signed up for a subscription and received my first issue.
I love it for the articles, excellent print quality, beautiful photography
and a minimum of advertising.  

The arrival of October, my favorite month, makes me realize 
this year will soon be rolling to a close. For me there are
special birthdays this month - my own included. The always fun
 North Carolina State Fair starts on the 11th. The last of the outdoor art
 and music festivals will come soon, and it's the last month for our local
neighborhood Farmers' Market on Saturdays.
Nature's glorious colors presented by the trees, of which we have
 plenty right around the cottage, will soon start here. Acorns are already 
falling, pumpkins are arriving, and yesterday I bought my first pot of
 beautiful rust colored chrysanthemums for the urn by the front door.
The wood pile is high and dreams of cozy winter nights by the hearth 
are in my thoughts.  

Are you ready for October?
Is it a favorite month for you too?


  1. I am a subscriber too! October is a favorite month of mine as well. I am going out Monday to buy some mums and pumpkins. Though our weather here is above normal temps. Our weatherman said it would be for at least 10-14 days. I am looking forward to changing colors and cooler weather and maybe a fire in our new firepit out back!

    1. Oh yes, perfect fire pit weather Penny - enjoy!

  2. Except for one thing, October is a favorite for me as well. Two special gals, my daughter and my sister, celebrate their birthdays. A great month for a birthday! Fun to see an old, favorite magazine make a comeback...almost unheard of.

  3. Hello Mary, the urn with the flowers is fabulous! But what is the small animal next to the urn? Have you been visited by a young fox, or is it a ginger kitten?
    I love autumn, and hope we will get to see it at its best when in Yorkshire in 3 weeks' time!

    1. It's a stone kitty cat - very old and weather-worn but I still like it!

  4. Love Autumn - the colours and the fresh air!
    Have a great sunday, take care...
    Love from Titti

  5. birthmonth and not only therefore this is my favorite month of the year. The change
    in the nature, looking forward to xmas, cuddle infront of a fire place, cooking lots of soups and
    much more. Planted the same flowers in a similar pot yesterday.

  6. I'll have to look for Country Home at B&N! Love your mums in the urn - that's a beautiful touch. Honestly, I'm not a fan of fall. It's a depressing season for me. My son, my father, my mother-in-law and my grandpa (whom I was very close to) all died in Sept and Oct. I'm very much a summer person and I'm already pining for warmer temps and sunshine. I can understand others loving fall though, with the cooler temps and pretty colors.

  7. October always makes me think of cosy nights and lots of family time. I wish we had trees that turned beautiful colours but it just doesn't happen over here.

  8. Autumn is my favourite season too Mary.🍂🍁🐿
    How nice that an old favourite magazine is back in circulation - it looks inspiring.
    Many years ago I subscribed to Victoria. I was sad when it went out of print but it reappeared too! I no longer subscribe but buy an occasional one if I see it!
    Your beautiful old urn planted with autumn Chrysanthemums is a most welcoming sight for visitors to admire on arrival at your lovely cottage.
    My garden is a mess…I’ve been poorly and haven’t had the energy to spread compost and mulch - now everything is growing at the rate of knots regardless!🤗

  9. Oh I shouldn't have seen your mums; now I want them badly. It is so hard to resist them each October. They just say Autumn better than anything else.

  10. OOh! I;m so glad it's back! Glad I read this.


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