Saturday, September 22, 2018

On the way to Western Canada -

Heading northwest is always a pleasure.
This time I had not only the widow seat, but the middle seat and 
the aisle seat! Bob had the same on the other side - a first for us I think.
The 5:30 am flight from Charlotte to Seattle was about half full. After all,
how many other fools were like us wanting to get up and be at the airport 
at such an ungodly hour!  
Neither of us slept really, just those brief 15 minute naps between 
 servings of water, coffee or tea, and more water.
Crossing the Grand Teton National Park.
 Stunning Mt. Rainier - 14,410'
 Arriving over Seattle, Washington - Space Needle just visible on far right.

Driving to Port Angeles, Washington - pleasant overnight with views of
 Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park) and a delicious fresh halibut dinner
 overlooking the water.
Early morning 1.5 hour ferry crossing to Victoria, BC, Canada.
Looking back towards Washington State as we arrived in Canada - snow
 on the stunning Olympic Mountains.
The cruise port was busy with several ships arriving and leaving.

Welcome to Victoria - British Columbia Parliament Buildings

Weather has been mixed - cloudy with light showers and then some sunny periods
making it comfortably warm - perfect for walking about and enjoying this lovely city.
This is my third visit here and I've loved it every time.


  1. Interesting views from the aircraft. Did you use your iPhone or camera for these shots?
    Enjoy your time in Canada Mary.

  2. Yes Shane - all these were taken with my iPhone7. It's OK but I still prefer my camera when I'm not rushed for time, or having to lug it around when sightseeing - on a plane the iPhone is easier to tuck into my handbag also!

    Mary x

  3. Thank you for sharing the journey. I had not realized that this is your third visit. If you could only take one journey next year, where would it be? Someplace new or an old favorite?

  4. Wonderful photos, as always, Mary. Safe travels homewards.

  5. When you flew into Seattle you probably flew right over our house - so close to seeing you!

  6. Victoria is such a special place to visit. Happy to see your adventure.

  7. Lovely images — I particularly like the one of Mt. Rainier.

  8. I love Victoria. Those buildings. Adore.


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