Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Is a house a home?

It definitely is, and when there's chance it could be damaged, or even
 destroyed, one realizes how comforting it is to have a place to call home. . . . . 
 . . . . . . and how upsetting and stressful it is knowing it could be lost.

Nail biting time is here for those of us in North Carolina, South Carolina and 
Virginia as the first tropical storm of the season, Hurricane Florence, churns
 her way across the Atlantic towards us.
She is a huge category 4 storm, and is being called extremely dangerous
perhaps the worst storm to hit the southeast in 60 years.
 Evacuations are already underway along our coast. Here, inland, we are also
 getting prepared as it's highly likely the damaging winds, possible major 
flooding and power outages could reach us.

More later. . . . . . . . .fingers crossed!


  1. Ongoing prayers... Still praying she’ll make a sharp right turn. After that, I am praying that people will listen to local advisories and do the safest thing. Are your preparations accomplished, Mary? So much to do and prepare for. Keeping you and all those there in my thoughts.

  2. Dear Mary - you are in my thoughts. It must be really frightening for you and Bob. I am keeping everything crossed that you will both be fine, that natures elements avoid you leaving you in peace.

  3. I sure hope people are leaving the coast. It is not fun to stay without electricity or anything else for days or weeks. I do hope you aren't affected Mary.

  4. Stay safe. I hope it dissipates soon.

  5. Praying that people will head inland and that you will be safe from the storm. It's a frightening thing to have your home threatened.

  6. Oh most definitely my house is home and my sanctuary and refuge too, as I know yours is dear Mary.
    I googled Raleigh and I saw you are 140 miles from the coast - Im praying that Florence could have lost her sting by the time she arrives in your area.
    Do you have a cellar or basement you can retreat to?
    I feel lucky we have a temperate climate with not too many violent storms hitting our coastline - we have violent earthquakes which are frightening.
    Take care Mary and Bob.
    I’ll be down on my knees tonight praying you are safe in Raleigh😘
    Love Shane xx

  7. I have been watching the TV news for little bits of information Mary. Thoughts and prayers for you all, and I do hope you and your home remain safe. It is a very frightening time for you.

  8. Good thoughts and prayers going your way, Mary. Stay safe.

  9. I've been thinking about you and Bob, as well as some other friends and relatives in VA, NC & SC. This is so scary...keeping you and the safety of your home in my prayers.

  10. Sending love and prayers. I'm hoping that you and Bob are safe, and your dear home is far from and damaging elements. I know you experienced a lot of damage years ago, was it Floyd? Not sure, but you talked about it with such sadness.

    Please keep us posted. If you suffer any damage and need a place to stay, you know where we are at in Asheville. xxx


  11. Watching CNN this evening and thinking about the stress and heartache of so many as they head inland. I hope you ride this out as well as possible and that your house/street/town are spared the worst of the storm.

  12. I was just watching a live camera just off the coast and the flag was just shredded. Praying it calms as it nears land.


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