Sunday, September 23, 2018

This time two years ago. . . . . .

. . . . . . I was here!

Yesterday, enjoying lovely sunshine in Victoria, British Columbia, I was introduced
 to a lady who is a professional photographer. She was chatting about her 
upcoming first safari trip to South Africa and what camera equipment she might 
require etc. I told her a lot about what to expect and how wonderful it is
to experience close up contact with the wildlife.  

Remembering all those adventures during three exciting safaris,
 reminded me I was there in Kenya at this exact time just two years ago.
I was able to view these animals and birds I photographed, and more. 
Memories are still fresh and will always be here on my blog (hopefully) for me.

Masai Mara, Kenya - September 2016

My blog is my journal - how would I remember all these amazing places
 without being able to look back here and continue to enjoy those trips 
of a lifetime!
Do you ever come back to your blog when you want to recall a 
special occasion, or just want to know where you were or what you
 were doing on a particular day?

Do you consider your blog your journal?

When so many are leaving blogging, do you plan to stay?


  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I immediately found something to relate to - I was also on safari in South Africa, in Kruger Park. Sadly, I was not a blogger then and didn't document it as I should have.

  2. As we chatted about this the other night (how wonderful to say that), you know that I plan to keep on blogging. It is a sort of journal to me, and I do jog my memory by looking through my blog. I'd like to have more of it printed, too. Your Africa photos are just stunning, Mary.

  3. Your collage of African scenes is lovely and I like the subdued color tones you chose. I am a member of African Wildlife Foundation, they do great work and it is a way for me to help African animals.

  4. I sometimes wonder about posting and do it much less often, but still read others' blogs. Your pictures are as professional as one can get without getting eaten. So beautiful. I would love to go on safari to Africa. You travel more than anyone I know, so I would love to travel with someone as experienced as you. I love all of the history too, so I usually do much research before I go.

  5. Yes, of course my blog is my journal! It helps me keep track of where I've been, what I've read and so on. Also, I have no plans of leaving. Why should I?

  6. This time last year we were flying home from South Africa and your post has just reminded me to look back at the photos and relive so many happy moments and wonderful sights all over again.
    Yes, I too will continue to blog, as Lorrie mentions, it jogs the memory. I am sorry that so many people have given up blogging, people that I regarded as friends have completely vanished into thin air.
    It is very reassuring to know that both you and Lorrie will still be there💕

  7. Yes, I visit my blog from time to time to refresh my memory. If I don’t start blogging more, I’ll not have anything to work with. No great photography like you and Lorrie; no charming poetry for children like Amalia (she has great photos, too); I am in a rut. 🙃

  8. I do use my blog as a journal! Always enjoy reading yours too.

  9. I do consider my blog a sort of journal for myself...once in awhile, I like to look back at previous year's posts to see what I was doing in this same month. I've thought about leaving blogging, but then I'm pulled back.

  10. Well Mary, just let me say I’ve looked back on your posts several times when my friends are travelling. They have all commented on your amazing photography - wildlife photos in particular!
    You could easily submit articles to Cone Nast Traveller!
    Yes my blog is a journal and I only wish I had more free time to keep posting.
    I miss the contact, inspiration and friendship with my blogging friends.
    Instagram is easier for me to quickly put up photos and a brief narrative - but it hasn’t replaced blogging for me.
    I’m hoping to retire in the next few months - then I’ll be back!🤗

  11. What precious memories you have. I have loved following along on your adventures. Yes, in some ways my blog is my journal and I plan to continue. I am thankful for dear friends I have from blogging, such as you and Bob; but my blogging is #1 for me to focus on the positives of life. It definitely does that for me.

  12. Yes I'd like to continue blogging. It gives me a sense of peace in this hectic world. I hate being away for a long time but sometimes it gets really difficult to post during the hot summer months.

  13. Precious memories, for sure....amazing pictures!

    I've been blogging since December 2006 and yes, I often look back or use the search feature to bring up a 'blogged' memory. I used to post a lot and I want to get back to that more homely, regular blogging style I used to have. Miss it. I am very much enjoying your blog, Mary. :)

  14. I love that you have this collection but not just for you and us but for your fam to cherish years after you are long gone!

    no, I never once look back on my old posts. I always find them depressing. I'm the same with photos, oddly enough. lol


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