Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hydrangeas in September, wow!

You may recall my disappointment over no beautiful hydrangea blooms this Summer.  
This was due in part to lousy weather conditions, plus the fact we had to prune
 these two shrubs to the ground last Autumn when re-siding/painting the cottage.
 They did grow back to several feet in height and a Summer season with just
 green leaves was OK - gave the front porch a feeling of coolness on those
 awful hot, dry days. . . . . . . . but how I missed the always lovely blue blooms.

So where did these come from?
Arriving home Tuesday I was amazed to see several gorgeous very blue heads
 being enjoyed by fat bumble bees, and certainly brightening up the fading
 early Autumn garden.
It was almost as if Hurricane Florence left us a gift among the mess of fallen 
branches, twigs, acorns and leaves.

Later I'll probably cut these for a vase then allow them to dry naturally for a
 little muted color over the Winter months. 

Yesterday we spent hours cleaning up the garden, mowing, blowing, pruning, 
weeding, cleaning and refilling birth baths and feeders. It was hot and sticky.
Today I'm off to renew my driver's license - look for some pots of chrysanthemums
for a small Autumn front entry display - and pick up some odds and ends at the
grocery store.
Traveling is always wonderful but coming home again is even better!


  1. I so love your blue hydrangeas. My two hydrangeas are done blooming for the season and I need to buy some of that supplement that will get my blue one to have blue blossoms. The first year it was blue and the second pink.

  2. Wonderful color! How wonderful to have caught up with the gardening chores; mine are still ahead of me. Puttering in autumn is just about the best thing ever. 🍂

  3. We planted one Endless Summer hydrangea in June. It was not blooming when we planted it. It now has several buds that are turning into blooms! Welcome back!

  4. How wonderful to come home to those beautiful blue hydrangeas. That is my favourite colour of flowers, too. Now the blue has changed to mellow plums and creams, and the leaves are turning tawny.
    Traveling is fun, and settling in to home also lovely. Enjoy settling in again. It was so great to see you - just one week ago!

  5. How beautiful! Hydrangeas are long done here in northern IL.

  6. These really are "wow"! It must be very satisfying to have set your garden in order.

  7. They are so gorgeous, Mary. Mine did ok this year but nothing more. I hope you really enjoyed your trip to Canada. hugs, Deb

  8. Your hydrangea is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen Mary!
    It looks like ours do when they first flower in late Spring💙
    How I would love a cutting of yours but of course that’s impossible as our MAF security on inwards goods does not permit plants in case they have bugs that could damage our vineyards and orchards.
    To think they survived Florence - wonderful! Xx

  9. How exciting to have hydrangeas blooming in the garden. Beautiful!!!


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