Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hurricane Florence update + simple comfort food -

No comfortable feelings when looking out the windows at the mess surrounding
 us, and more still falling from the remnants of Hurricane Florence on this grey, 
dreary, soaking wet Sunday morning. But we are grateful, so grateful, that we have
 been spared major damage and unbelievable flooding now coming to so many
 areas of this state. Florence has impacted the entire state of North Carolina
and part of South Carolina also.
We still have bands of gusty winds and drenching rain circling but, unless trees
 fall due to saturated ground (and the rain will continue through Tuesday), we
 should be OK other than the possibility of power outages. 

Funny how 'comfort food' can be so personal. My go to food in times
 of worry and upset, has always been my simple childhood breakfast of
 toast and marmalade.
Very English I guess, and something that continues as a staple in my kitchen,
 crusty wholemeal toasting bread, butter, and a pot of perfect marmalade.
 Add a mug of strong black coffee, or a cup of hot tea, and calm comes
 with each crunch and sip. 

To our dear friends in western North Carolina, stay safe as Florence
 pays you a visit today. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Dear Mary, thank you for keeping your blogging chums posted!
    Over the last few days my first thought on waking was to see how things are faring in Raleigh so I’m delighted to read your post and know that your life is a whole lot better!
    Fear of the unknown is always worrying and unsettling.
    Fingers crossed you won’t have power outages.
    Take care and ke safe.

  2. So glad that you both are doing well. We are under a flood warning until 5:15PM, but we are higher up, so we are safe. It has been raining all day with gusts of wind up to 30MPH. For my comfort food, I am making Senate Bean soup for dinner. It has been cooking all after noon. xo

    1. Glad to hear you are doing OK Penny - hope no damage or power loss.
      Stay safe while enjoying that good soup Xmas

  3. Glad to hear that you are safe. Comfort food always helps during such stressful times.

  4. Thanks for checking in...glad to hear you are safe.

  5. So glad to read these updates from you. We were away for the weekend, without computers. I wondered how you were doing. Toast with honey, and tea would be very comforting for me.

  6. I am so pleased to read that you are safe, Dear Mary, and enjoying toast and marmalade, one of my favourite treats also. We are continuing to watch media reports from your side of the world, and do hope you remain safe at home, and don't lose power. All the best. xxx

  7. I'm so grateful you have kept us in the know about how you are doing, Mary. Safe! Yes!!!

    Your love for comfort foods is simple and delicious. I'm not much of a breakfast person, although as a child I so enjoyed the oatmeal or creamed wheat my mother would prepare for us. I also love toast with gobs of butter. :D

    Stay safe. I hope Asheville is doing well, trying to keep track on the Weather channel.

    Jane x

  8. Like everyone else here who has commented, I am very glad to know you have had a "lucky escape" by the sound of it. I hope there won't be any trees falling across your road or on your roof now that the ground is so wet, and strong gusts of wind still blowing.
    Yes, comfort food is very personal, and for most people, it is something from their childhood.

  9. It is very challenging to find a report on Florence now. Since my weather report says we will get rains from Florence tomorrow, I am wondering how that can mean that you will still be getting rains from Florence. She is obviously one huge old weather system. Glad that you find comfort in tea and toast and marmalade. It was always one of my mother’s favorites as well. I should try it! 🙃

    1. Yes, same miserable storm Vee and it's headed to New England now. Our rain and wind gusts are still from Florence who covers a huge area of the east. This morning we are also under tornado watches and warnings - it's just horrible!
      Stay safe in your area later today and tomorrow.
      Mary x

  10. Hi Mary :) I'm glad you are safe and not experiencing that horrors of the scary. Comfort food...mine always NEEDS to have melty cheese on it. In fact, I've been known to cut up some Cheddar or Mozza and just nuke it on a plate if all else fails lol...

  11. I have certainly been thinking of our friends in the Carolinas. Thankful that you are doing OK. Toast and marmalade are indeed comfort food for a rainy day. So happy it will soon be over and people can begin recovering. So sad for those that have lost their homes and some lives too. Take care and stay dry. Yesterday I walked through H&M and thought of you. Just browsed for now, but thinking what I might like as the weather becomes more Autumn.

  12. Thank goodness Florence spared your area! I’ve been watching all the way from Minnesota and it breaks my heart. North Carolina will always be home and my brother still lives in Fayetteville; thankfully he didn’t have any damage where he lives.


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