Friday, September 21, 2018

Meeting up with friends in Canada. . . . . . . . . .

We arrived in Victoria, British Columbia yesterday morning via ferry from 
Port Angeles, Washington. Cool and damp, with a little rain in the afternoon, 
it actually felt good after the heat, high humidity and post-hurricane conditions
left behind in North Carolina.

Meeting up with old friends is always fun. . . . . . . . meeting up with friends
whom you've only known via your blog for many, many years, is even more 
than fun, it's an awesome experience!

Here on beautiful Vancouver Island, I spent a few hours last evening 
having a delicious dinner with two very special, long time Canadian blog friends, 
Honora of 'Pondside' and Lorrie of 'Fabric Paper Thread'.
Our husbands were also there, to take photos of course, and whilst they 
talked at one end of the table, we three chattered non-stop for more
than three hours. . . . . . . about everything under the sun.

September 20, 2018 - Honora, Mary, Lorrie - Victoria, BC 

Thank you again Honora and Lorrie, for taking time to 
get together, for the sweet gifts I'll take home as memories of Canada
 and you, and most of all, your friendship via our blogs for so many years.
It was definitely written in the stars that we would meet some 
day, and at long last it happened!

We wished you, our mutual blog friends, could have all been there with us!

Off this morning to explore lovely Victoria.


  1. Very special. Feeling just a wee pang of jealousy...

    1. Wish you could've been there Vee!

    2. It would have been lovely to have you there, too, Vee.

  2. How wonderful! They have been my blog friends for years too!

    1. Were your ears burning Penny? Your name came up of course as we chatted about blog friends and meeting up with them!

  3. Dear Mary, it’s just after 5 in the morning New Zealand time and my first thought on waking was - have the girls posted a photo!
    Lovely to see a beautiful photo of the three of you together! I imagine the chitchat was nonstop, each trying to get a word in!
    I have to admit I was feeling a little envious… if only I could have blown caution to the wind and just hopped on a plane and surprised you… haha dreams are free!🤗
    Lovely memories for the three of you that will live on forever😘

  4. How absolutely lovely and very special - I really enjoy and love their blogs too.

  5. What a wonderful meeting to have made happen. Enjoy Victoria! My daughter took her first steps the gardens.

  6. That is so sweet and I have always wanted to visit Victoria.

  7. I do not know your blogging friends, but how wonderful that you got to meet them in person! What a beautiful photo of the three of you.

  8. So wonderful to meet up with blogging friends! You are three lovely ladies with beautiful smiles, it shows how well you get along and how happy you are to be together.

  9. It must be new great fun to meet old friends for the first time.

  10. Dear Mary,
    It was so special to meet you and Bob in person and share that lovely evening. I smiled all the way home. What a pleasurable evening that was!

    I hope the rain last night didn't dampen your plans. Today has been much better, although now, mid-afternoon, clouds are moving in and the wind is picking up.


  11. How wonderful to meet two blogging friends, and have this special photo together. Enjoy your visit to Victoria - I have heard so much about it, and it seems a beautiful city. Safe travels Mary.

  12. What a wonderful evening it must have been. I can just imagine all the chatting that went on as the three of you (three of my own favourite bloggers I must add) got to know each other better. I am totally green with envy. Wishing you a wonderful time in Canada from Normandy.

  13. What a very special time with blog friends. I have enjoyed meeting Lorrie over a cup of tea. And then just touring Victoria is so very special.

  14. How wonderful that you got to meet up with more blog friends, Mary — lovely photo!

  15. What fun. Yes, that would have been a blast, I'm sure.


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