Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Singing the blues and purples . . . . . .

Each day the clouds build and thunderheads appear late in the afternoons.
Huge drops of rain plop heavily on the back deck, and I run outside to toss the 
cushions into the gazebo. Lightning illuminates the darkening sky, thunder
 cracks sharply directly overhead making me jump and the neighbors' dogs
 bark, or booms in muffled rumbles off in the distance.

Thunderheads (cumulonimbus) are the most dramatic looking clouds with their
tall and imposing shape. They grow vertically instead of horizontally, forming
into dense towers that can reach 20,000 feet, sometimes even more.

Late Summer sky over Raleigh while driving home from the State Farmers' Market downtown on Sunday. 

Sunday, we took a drive to the market for fresh farm eggs and tomatoes, and
ended up also buying a few pretty purple eggplants - they come in all shades, 
shapes and sizes now.

Despite garden conditions being disappointing this Summer due to a
 crazy weather pattern, I was shocked when Bob pointed to "a purple thing in
 the back garden on the arbor." Looking closer I found not one but two
 'purple things' dangling from the arbor. . . . . . . very late blooming wisteria
racemes! None bloomed in Spring but it's lovely to see them now.

While singing the blues, I have to show you this beautiful piece of handmade glass
 from Colorado. It was a gift from my neighbor. His kitty is Ms. Nala whom I've
 shared with you often. . . . . and this Summer I did take care of her for several
 weeks. The blue vase is sitting on the lovely mosaic tray made some years ago
 by my dear friend Penny in the North Carolina mountains. 
You can find her here at Enjoying the Simple Things.


  1. Dear Mary - I have never before seen so many different types of aubergine - I wonder if they all taste the same?
    I know you enjoy looking after Ms Nala, but it is also lovely to receive such a special gift in appreciation - it does look especially nice complimented by mosaic tray.

    1. So many different ones now yes! I just bought the fat versions - will slice, brush with EVOO, season a bit, and grill - serve with grilled baguette and a salad, yum!
      Just had Bob read your amazing stories of Doggerland/Cheddar Man etc. He agrees how fascinating it all is, and we are amazed at that map!
      You are such a wonderful 'researcher' Rosemary.
      Mary x

  2. Awe, Mary thank you for the mention! I smiled when I saw the tray. That beautiful blue handmade looks great on the tray! Your cloud photo is stunning. xo

    1. Penny, your mosaic silver tray will always be a favorite in my ever-changing decor! After all, it's so YOU my dear!
      Mary -

  3. Lush there. Never saw a wisteria this late. I woke up to a gentle rain this morning. Would have loved to go back to sleep, but the weenies had other ideas. Rain is a sure sign of autumn on its way.

    1. But it's rained all summer here it seems Donna - we are so tired of it always sodden and humid. Even the plants seem to dislike that much water, they are dissolving before our eyes! Thank goodness we are being sprayed for mozzies - I would probably have died from bites/virus without that service in such wet conditions, which of course THEY love!
      Mary -

  4. What a fabulous sky shot Mary.

  5. What a beautiful vase. We don't get clouds like that, but love, love seeing them. Oh the eggplants, the colors are wonderful. We have two in the garden right now the look like those long skinny ones. We are trying to decide what to do with them. I love them Asian style with ginger.


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