Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Before and after, as promised!

The bedroom makeover is coming along well. 
Painting completed and new flooring installed.
New ceiling fan/light is up.
New blinds being made.
New furniture traveling cross country, hopefully!

Only piece of furniture remaining from before - the loveseat, with freshly
 laundered slip cover, awaiting new pillows.
This is my favorite place to read during daytime hours.

Before was OK but getting tired looking.  Carpeting too hard to keep clean, paint fading.

Entry hallway in Kendall Charcoal - a few shades darker than the bedroom's
 Chelsea Gray.  We did this area in eggshell finish rather than flat paint
so it has a soft gleam in the sunlight from the front door, plus resists 
scuffs in a busy traffic area.

Taking the same flooring through from the other downstairs areas - our master
 bedroom is on this level - is more cohesive, easier to clean and makes
 the first floor appear larger than when chopped up by different floor coverings.  
Only the kitchen floor is different.

I popped into our local AT HOME store yesterday afternoon for
a quick look at rugs. OMG what a selection - that home store requires a 
week at least to cover every department!
Bob insists on a throw rug on his side of the bed now the carpet is
history.  This is the one I brought home to try and I love it. 
It's so soft, non-slip, and the colors are perfect with the flooring, 
Do you agree?
Just enough of that terra cotta shade I mentioned before when thinking 
about adding color with accessories, along with greys, creams, and the 
darkest background shade matches the flooring. For just $30 I think it's super.


The south facing front door has also been refinished as it was faded from the
 sun and heat. Sanded, two coats of stain, a good sealer. . . .it looks like new.

 Now a word or two on stained wood! 
Yes I know many people are painting every piece of their woodwork
white these days, especially if new construction. We sometimes check out
 the million dollar plus new homes being built all around us and are
astonished that there is very little real wood used for trim, doors etc.
This house is now thirty five years old and we've been the only owners. 
I won't say I wouldn't enjoy painting all the wood - well having someone
 with a stronger shoulder, younger knees, and more patience than myself
doing such a huge, expensive job - wood trim, crown moldings, chair rails,
baseboards, six-panel doors etc. . . . . BUT, and it's a gigantic 'but', 
the cons far outweigh the pros at this point for us!
Natural wood is beautiful, all oak here, is a good fit in this cottage-style
 house. . . . . . and, believe it or not, the darker paint colors in a couple
of areas really work well, giving it cottage warmth plus sophistication.

I'm happy with the outcome of my project - dreaming about the 
next one will keep me out of trouble!


  1. As expected, it is coming out perfectly beautiful! The floor is great, and you have done well to have the same floors in all downstairs rooms except for the kitchen. The bedside rug looks as if it has been made for the room, and it really isn't expensive.
    Like you, I like the colours of wood. As you know, my living room furniture is originally from my grandparents, when they married in 1935 - real wood that I wouldn't want to exchange for anything else.

  2. Looks very nice, there are always pros and cons to painting, our place is a mamoth task to do but between us we manage ok though as we are gtting older we will have to see how it goes when it need doing again.
    Bread turned out ok if a little overdone. I made rolls and di not keep an eye on them. Next time

  3. I love wood. The more knubby and rustic and natural the better. :) I like the grays you've chosen and the throw rug is perfect. Always good to have a complete cleanup and redecorating of your living space.

  4. Your bedroom is looking really lovely Mary .... I absolutely LOVE the flooring. I love the way you decorate .... everything is so me ! XXXX

  5. It all looks wonderfully fresh and updated. I like the wood and I like the carpet on your husband’s side of the bed. Will you pick up another for your side? Those floors can be cold.

  6. What a warm cozy retreat! I love all of your choices.

  7. Gorgeous Mary, love it all and I like a proper wooden front door too. We sanded ours down last summer and then gave it several coats of Danish oil, it came up like new, and we were very pleased with ourselves.

  8. It's starting to look better and better. Can't wait to see it with all the new furniture. I think that the rug goes very well with the rest of the room.

  9. It all looks lovely. Your color choices are wonderful. I always use egg shell paint, it washes so much better than flat and it gives a nice little glow. Looking forward to seeing the rest as you finish up.

  10. It looks beautiful! My own preference is always for darker walls, for a whole host of reasons, and you've made lovely choices. The choice of faux wood for doors and the like is odd - makes me think the home is a movie set, not built for permanence.

  11. Your bedroom re-do is looking quite beautiful! I love that small sofa in front of the window. We had an At Home store open about 25 minutes from us, but I haven't been there yet. I might have to make a trip!

  12. Just an amazing makeover and as expected everything is come out so beautifully 😊 The lamination flooring looks great. The corner place where the furniture is placed near the window looks so lovely and vivid. The front door looking elegant just loved the texture. Now the place looks more cosy and warm !!!Please visit us at https://www.bloghasting.com/


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