Sunday, February 23, 2020

Postcards from the sunny south!

Yesterday, a beautiful Saturday here. . . . . . . the snow and ice melted where
 the sun hit, and the afternoon temperature reached 53F.  
Our back deck is in shade so we have to step carefully out there, it will take
 a couple more days to melt the ice which formed Friday night when it was really cold. 
 Rain is predicted for Monday so that will help.

Who said red birds clash with purplish pink flowers?  
Hey, when it comes to the garden you embrace all the color you can get, 
especially in the dull, often dreary, winter months.

Winter hydrangeas will be deadheaded and pruned later.

Here you can see we did get a couple of inches of wet snow - one of our many
garden visitors under the bird feeders digging for dropped seeds.

I think this is the only snow we'll see in the south this winter.
BUT, never say never!

New floor was installed as planned on Friday morning - all went well and I love it.
Photos coming soon.


  1. Hooray for the new floor!
    The snow-covered blossoms look very picturesque; I hope they will be fine once it melts off.

  2. Hello Mary, what beautiful images of the ice on the blooms. Thank you for sharing. Blessings Jo (South Africa)

  3. Dear Mary, We also had snow last night. But that is not unusual for this area. I'm grateful for any color in my garden. None clash, they are all welcome.
    Can't wait to see new colors and new floors in your house.

  4. There is no clashing when it comes to colour in Nature !!! Actually, clashing colours in fashion is very ‘ in ‘ now isn’t it ?
    Looking forward to seeing your new floor Mary. XXXX

  5. Weather is so strange all over right now! Here in northern Illinois, we will be in the low 50's and sunny today, which is way above normal for this time of year. Then another snowstorm hits us tomorrow afternoon into Wed. They're predicting about 6" of snow. My son is in from CA right now and his plane leaves Tues, so we're worried about that. We have a feeling his plane might be delayed a long time.

    Can't wait to see your new flooring!

  6. The snow on the flowers is such a pretty picture!

  7. Snow makes everything look more beautiful.

  8. Snow on magnolias is breathe taking. Oh, the cardinal, even better. Beautiful!

  9. Wow - the cardinal *and* the magnolia colors against the snow are pretty dramatic!! I guess I wouldn't quibble about mixing them. :-)

  10. Glad to read that your makeover is proceeding apace. Your bit of snow certainly makes the colours pop! Such lovely brightness.


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