Friday, February 21, 2020

Late winter in the southern garden. . . . . . . . .

Sunrise today..............

Yesterday afternoon our only snow so far in this strange, mild and wet winter season,
fell silently. A new dimension in the garden as the mid-afternoon light changed
 rapidly, and the fig tree suddenly became illuminated with cardinals, male and 
female, and several other species of beautiful garden birds. All were very
 hungry, pushing and shoving for space on the feeders as well as the ground 
It was quite a heavy snow. Flimsy branches on shrubs and smaller trees
 seemed to bow under the weight of just an inch of so within an hour.

 Mrs. Cardinal
 Mr. Cardinal

 Light snow fell until around midnight so we ended up with a couple of inches.
Very wet, heavy snow so tree/shrub damage possible again. 
There were many power outages but thankfully we didn't lose ours.
Brilliant sunshine this morning and melting is happening quickly.

Good news - my flooring guys arrived on time despite some icy roads, 
and by noon the new bedroom floor installation should be completed.


  1. The first photo is just absolutely stunning. The cardinals look very pretty too, especially the males.

  2. Beautiful documentation of your snow day, Mary. You definitely got more than we did here. No sticking to the ground, but it was pretty to watch the flakes fall for a few hours. Always so peaceful. Hooray for the arrival of your flooring guys. How exciting to move along with your redecorating project. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. So out of touch lately, I apologize for missing so many posts. Your nature photos are beautiful...the snow, as damaging as it can be, always looks so pretty when it’s new and fluffy. Looking forward to seeing your new floors!

  4. Your photographs are always beautiful Mary .... I wish we had red cardinals in the U.K.
    your bedroom is looking wonderful ..... I love the colour .... I’m not very brave with dark colours ... our daughter is though. She painted her bedroom a very dark blue and it looks great. Later in the year we are going to pull up the only carpets left in our house and sand the original floorboards ..... my husband is having some implants at the moment which costs a fortune so we will get over that first 😂🤣😂 XXXX

  5. A snowy but beautful day! Here we have a stormy weather and rain...
    Have a lovely saturday :)

  6. Very pretty! We got about 3 inches of snow here and yesterdays sun melted most of it. Glad the flooring guys made it!

  7. Dear Mary, I see that you have serious weather issues in your area. Worst of all must be the icy roads. Please stay inside. Enjoy your newly painted rooms and newly installed floors. Do not drive and do not walk on ice.

  8. Reading about your snow day made me wistful. In Houston we haven't had winter at all. Not a freezing day yet. Lowest temps are in the high 30'sf which is now low enough for Mother Nature to do her complete cycle. Already Azalea, Carolina Jasmine are blossoming, & it's way early for them. Love your pics. Love them!
    Big hug from Housotn, Marsha

  9. Especially the first photo is breathtakingly beautiful! I'd choose it for January or February if I were to make a calendar.

  10. The snow and cardinals are so very gorgeous!
    Excited for you to have the new flooring. Are you loving it?

  11. I am loving it - and will even more once I get the new furniture!
    Mary -

  12. Thank you, thank you! It's a joy to visit here.


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