Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I'm in a fog!

Beyond the fog lies clarity - Anonymous

What a dreary morning it was here. 
Any color in the garden was drained by a heavy fog wet fog. 
I stepped outside with my iPhone at 7:15 AM. I could feel the moisture
 envelope me as I took a few quick photos . . . . . . . . then hurried back
 inside to flip the switch on the coffee pot.

Later:   the sun didn't shine today and more rain coming this evening.
Tomorrow cooler with sunshine - sounds good to me.
Meanwhile - the good news is Magnolia liliiflora survived last week's
snow and ice storm. . . . . . . . and is now blooming brightly.

Tomorrow is a special day for me. . . . . . . . an anniversary!


  1. Hello dearest Mary

    Your Magnolia is stunning - enjoy!

    Anniversary? Let me think?
    1. Is it the day you and Paula arrived in America?
    2. Wedding anniversary for you and Bob?
    3. I know it’s not your birthday!
    I’ll be back tomorrow to discover why 27th February 2020 is a special day for you!
    Love Shane xx

  2. What gorgeous pink magnolias to brighten up a grey day. Grey and pink are a lovely combination.

  3. Happy anniversary, Mary!
    I actually like fog and the mysterious atmosphere it creates, but of course I want it to lift by noon. Here, a foggy morning often means an exceptionally beautiful sunny day later on.

  4. The weather is really crazy these days - we now have some unexpected snow - the first of the season, not much, just a thin white layer. You are fortunate that your lovely Magnolia survived last week's snow and ice storm - it's a glorious shade of magenta, complimented by the soft grey branches.


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