Monday, February 24, 2020

Sweet dreams returning later. . . . . .

. . . . . . it's said we should make the bedroom feel like a comfy retreat or an
 oasis from our often hectic modern day lives. I totally agree.

I love this glimpse into a bedroom of an obviously much-loved older house.  
It's in England and found in one of the several UK magazines I buy. 
I have many folders of clippings from these decorating publications, with
  the beautiful UK Country Living being my favorite. 

Being English, growing up on the Devon coast, and with the countryside
 "just up the road" from my childhood home, I'm comfortable in rural settings.
 Villages and hamlets full of thatched cottages were all around, so living in a
 smaller cottage-style home here in the USA, I find all I could ever really want in
 those magazines when it comes to decorating ideas . . . . . 

 . . . and I always look through them first when planning a makeover around the house.

My dresser - part of the bedroom set purchased many years ago when I was
 really into country cottage and Shabby Chic - thank you Rachel Ashwell. 

The entire set has gone to the bedroom of our neighbor's teenage daughter. 
I hope she will love it as much as I did. She'll definitely have plenty of storage
 for all those colorful, trendy teenage fashions!

Moving out the furniture required assistance.
My painter was grateful to have a perfectly empty room
to work in. . . . . . and carpet where any paint drips wouldn't 
matter as it is to be removed!

Meanwhile the two of us are squished together in the guest room, the
 third bedroom being our office, living out of boxes piled high, . . . . eagerly
 awaiting the completed master bedroom project.

Lovely colors similar to which I embraced for the project. 
The 'granite' shade is close to the Chelsea Gray now on the bedroom walls. 
The 'slate' blue grey in a paler hue - Stonington Gray - is in the walk-in closet. 
The dark, rich 'charcoal' - Kendall Charcoal - is in the entry hallway off the 
bedroom. All Benjamin Moore colors.

The bedding, curtains etc. are all a creamy white or natural linen and will
 remain for the time being. The new furniture color is 'hazelnut'.
There is also the loveseat which fits into the window bay and is slip-covered
in creamy white matelassé.  
I will try to find an accessory in the muted terra-cotta shade - perhaps a pillow
 for the loveseat, a bedside rug, or a beautiful painting to hang - maybe even 
all of those!
As I said - nights with sweet dreams will return. . . . .and soon I hope.


  1. It is exciting to plan and shop for your "new" bedroom and then see it all come together, isn't it! You know you have a knack for interior decorating, so I am 100 % certain that everything will look very beautiful and just how you want it.
    Your neighbour's daughter must be very happy to have such a lovely set of furniture for her room.

  2. Dear Mary - you really and truly are having a complete makeover - I didn't realise that you were also purchasing new furniture - what excitement. Your neighbour's daughter is one very lucky girl, I am sure that she will very much enjoy filling those lovely big drawers in that dresser with all of her bits and bobs.

    1. Yes she's apparently loving her 'new bedroom' now it's all set up - we were happy to gift it to her. Hopefully we'll love our new pieces when they show up!
      Mary -

  3. How exciting! It will be worth the wait!

  4. I am sure it will look lovely when it's all done.

  5. Can't wait to see the new bedroom all complete! Sounds like a lovely retreat. Miss you xx

    Looks like you are doing some SPRING CLEANING!
    I need to do that too................

  7. You are doing a very thorough makeover of your bedroom, even down to new furniture! How exciting to choose new colours and furnishings. I love linen drapes and hope to install them in our home over time. If the room is being painted, it won't be too long before the floors are laid and all your new pieces arrive. What fun!

  8. I do believe that dresser will be much loved by the recipient.
    Love the colors and sitting here with anticipation to see the finished room.

  9. How exciting Mary: I love your new colours, and hope you show and tell the finished bedroom! Your old dresser is lovely, and what a lucky girl to inherit it. I know it will be loved. Natural linen is always beautiful in a bedroom. xo


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