Saturday, May 16, 2020

Fading beauty. . . . . . . .

The peonies, like me, are fading now.
Their beauty is short lived in days, sadly their blooms don't last for months.
 We care for them from the thrilling day when that tight, round bud appears,
then opens with the assistance of tiny ants (never rinse off the ants, they
 are needed according to nature). For a week or so we breathe the
 fragrance as the blooms grow large, beautiful, stunning to look at, and
 one feels especially glad to be at home.

Now they've even passed the blowsy stage when petals loosen and droop. 
Tinges of rusty shades are encroaching on the fading ballet pink. Yellow stamens 
are curling into fine threads. To me they are still so lovely in their old age. 
I feel a need to record them even this way - so I've been out there with the
camera to watch them change before they fall forever.

THOUGHTS - This weekend arrived very quickly and although every day is
 somewhat the same, I still enjoy the feeling of Saturday and Sunday. 
I hope those who are still working can enjoy some time for relaxation - something
 we elderly retirees are already used to.  

So, more time for the garden - both working and relaxing there.
Weight gain is noticed - me rather than Bob, not fair because I eat
less than him!  No bread baking - crusty loaves slathered with butter
now off the menu for a while, as are pistachio muffins. The farm fresh
strawberries are now being served naked without whipped cream!
Must walk more - grocery shopping is not exercise and we actually 
didn't even do that this week as we've too much food in the house.

The weather is warming up - high of 89F today - so I'm leaving you
for now and grabbing my walking shoes and sunhat.
Enjoy your Saturday.


  1. I love peonies. They are beautiful even when they are fading! Enjoy your walk.

  2. As a social chef..and knowing about food as l do..
    Here's a few tips for being in Lockdown..

    Have a glass of water - you might be thirsty, not hungry,
    and sometimes we confuse the two..

    Exercise and social interaction help bring cortisol down,
    as well as anything that makes you feel calm, like reading,
    meditating, going for a walk..

    Foods that are high in protein or fibre will make you feel
    fuller for longer - for example beans and other pulses, eggs
    or nuts..

    Frozen ingredients are just as good, potentially even better
    than fresh, and you can also use canned vegetables and fruit..

    It's fine to have a couple of snacks, but you might then need to
    have slightly smaller meals..
    And if snacking is a real concern, you could put your snacks for
    the day in a box..
    If you eat them all before lunch, that's fine, but there's no more..
    And whatever your new eating patterns are, we shouldn't feel bad about

    Take Care! Stay Safe! Stay Happy...! :o).
    πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️ πŸ–️

    1. Great tips Willie - hang on a sec just going to grab my water - that's better!
      We walked this afternoon, only about 45 mins., through the neighborhood, it was HOT! Found something really cute along the way, will share in a post soon. Watered the garden as the heat will continue two more days, that job burns up a few calories in 90F! Making a healthy salad for dinner this evening - plenty of romaine and arugula, along with tuna and hard boiled eggs, toasted pecans, just a few homemade croutons for crunch - I love a bit of crunch - and a low cal dressing. Bowl of strawberries washed, no cream, for dessert.

      No snacking today - being very good!

  3. My peonies are above buds, yet, but the stalks are very sturdy this year...usually, they have to be propped. So I have them to look forward to. I'd love it to get to 60° and can't imagine 89°...hope that your walk was pleasant.

  4. I have not actually seen a live peony and your flowers are so very beautiful. I love that shade of pink.

  5. Dear Mary,
    Fading does not fit into your vocabulary. There is nothing "fading" about you.
    The peonies are just beginning to open in our area. It's the old plants that have survived.

  6. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and you're right, their beauty does not last very long. My peony bush just now has about 10 big, fat buds. I can't wait until they burst open.

    I have gained a few pounds, too. Easy to do when we're quarantined! I've been walking just about every day but today it is pouring rain, so no walking for me. Not that I have an excuse, as I have a treadmill in the basement. ;-)

    1. Oh Melanie, you made me chuckle with that last sentence! I don't have a treadmill, or a room large enough to hold one, or even a basement so I have to leave the house - which is often put off because it's too hot, too dark, too cold, too wet. . . . and now the latest - too many mosquitoes!!!!!

      I didn't have that many blooms but I'll look forward to seeing pix of yours when they open.

  7. Love the withering peonies and tulips at this time of year.
    Walking is on the agenda here too. Ugh! why is it so easy to put on the weight, but so hard to take it off. Trying to move more for sure and not baking as much, but I do have a few pistachio muffins in the freezer for that occasional snack.

  8. Stunning photos of your beautiful peonies even as they fade and crumple they retain a sweet loveliness. I'll bypass your reference to your own appearance because I just don't believe it's true. We are blessed to live amongst some amazing countryside and are taking our daily exercise by walking Fleur along the back lanes away from traffic and crowds although this past weekend there have been more hikers out and about due to the relaxing of some lockdown conditions. This week I also worked on my new blog "turning the page" and visited the garden centre for essential gardening supplies, it's so good to be pottering about nurturing new plants again.

  9. Oh peonies .... I love them so much but they don’t really like our garden. I have one that must have been here since Edwardian times. It’s the common red one and only ever has a couple of flowers. I did put another one in years ago but it never flowered because it was in full shade so I moved it this year. Hopefully it will one day flower !
    Beautiful weather here for all of this week. Enjoy the warm weather Mary. XXXX


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