Saturday, May 23, 2020

Thoughts of Umbrella Days. . . . . . .

While gazing out the window this morning I was thinking about the sopping wet
 weather we've had this week. Three straight days of rain falling, unusual for this
 area, a slow moving farewell from tropical storm Arthur.
I didn't need my umbrella though as I didn't go out of the house. . . . . except to
slosh around in the soggy garden now and then. All this thinking took me back
 to places in the world where umbrellas played
 a memorable part whilst sightseeing. 

Here are a few that come to mind as I enjoy a sunny morning again.

My photo from that special morning at Monet's garden in Giverny, France.

My art version of the gorgeous Claude Monet paintings reproduced on the umbrellas
 for sale at the gift shop in his gardens.

Handmade umbrellas waiting to dry before decorative painting - Chiang Mai, Thailand 2011

. . . . . . . and me among the painted umbrellas outside the shop.

First morning in Moscow, heavy rain whilst crossing waterlogged Red Square - 2013
Dreary and foreboding - thankfully the following day the sun came out.

The steady rain of 'the wet' season bringing to life the ancient colors of ancient
Hue, Vietnam. 

More of historic Hue, Vietnam in 2011

Rainy day - plenty of umbrellas and plastic rainwear available!
Beautiful colors of very old buildings - hang the red lantern!
Hoi An, Vietnam - 2011. A beautiful place.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is dry, bright and sunny.
Not going far from home but will probably grill something or that's
what we do, right?

Stay well - be safe.


  1. Umbrella...
    I own an umbrella
    A Pink umbrella
    With all the colors of the rainbow underneath
    I own an umbrella
    Which protects me from the rain and the bad days
    I own an umbrella
    Dark outside and colorful inside
    I own an umbrella
    That looks just like me
    I own an umbrella that reflects my soul
    I own an umbrella
    And it makes me smile
    Because the irony is not lost on me
    That every time I open the object
    My heart blooms with hope
    That someone would notice
    It's not simply an umbrella
    It's not a random pick
    It's a Pink umbrella
    With all the colors of the rainbow underneath
    It's an umbrella
    Dark outside and colorful inside
    Which, when closed, lets appear a sneak peek
    Of how it truly is inside
    Sparks of colors
    Sparks of light
    But no one will know
    Unless they open it
    And look up
    Into the rainbow
    That protects me from the rain..
    By..Turn Off The Lights...!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all those colorful umbrellas. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

  3. Germany has become drier and drier over the past 10 or so years; it is so rare now that I need an umbrella that it feels very odd having to carry one, or having to make sure my shoes can cope with getting wet. I even have started to buy suede shoes (I own a pair of yellow suede ankle boots and a pair of yellow suede ballerinas), something I never did in the past, as I hate how they look when they get wet.
    Your umbrella pictures are fabulous!

  4. A gorgeous selection of umbrella shots Mary - I love the one of you outside the shop and also the one from Vietnam with someone disappearing beneath a large blue umbrella.

  5. Nothing is ordinary about these times, that's for sure. Beautiful umbrella images. And a lovely walk down memory lane. Have a blessed day.

  6. What a well travelled item your umbrella has been, taking you (and us) to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I hope the weather this Memorial Day weekend is sunny and bright and that your umbrella stays dry.

  7. Dear Mary,
    I love, love, love your traveling posts. The picture with white umbrellas is my favorite. Would love to have a whole bunch of white umbrellas.

  8. Love all your umbrella pictures, but oh how I would love to have one of those Monet inspired ones. Just beautiful!


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