Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Just Breathe -

 moment to breathe.
More moments to breathe deeply. . . . .
To think
To wish
To remember
To hope

I look back over my photos taken when time often
 stood still. There were moments to enjoy, to escape, 
to see new places, even old places but with a fresh eye. 
I feel lucky I had those moments and recorded
 them . . . . . for times such as now.

This week I really need to breathe, deeply, so I may not post 
anything new. Each day is somewhat clouded, some by the weather, 
some brought upon us by the Corona virus, some by family issues, 
others by household problems (awaiting the plumber here), and many
 by just day to day living with distancing from our loved ones, wearing
 masks, and feeling discomfort and cautious when away from the 
comforts and safety of home and garden. . . . . . whilst others choose
 blatant, uncaring behavior causing us stress and concerns.

Please be kind to one another and do the right
 thing when it comes to health and safety.


  1. Yes, there're are definitely differences of opinion. Take care and enjoy your reflections. I love this collage with the cool colors and connections.

    1. good heavens! How redundant can a gal be?😏

  2. Your photos are so calming. I hope that common sense will prevail. I still cannot quite get used to being 'out there' and often hurry home where it feels safe.

  3. I'm so thankful to have a safe and comfortable home. Lovely photos, Mary.

  4. Yes, in spite of what is happening in the world, I am grateful for my quiet and safe home. I consider myself very lucky. Thank you for sharing your serene posts and photos.

  5. Dear Mary - as time goes on and on I am finding it more and more difficult to actually concentrate on anything. We have now come out of our first stage of lockdown, but so many people don't seen to realise that caution must still be paramount. The Common that surrounds our home was buzzing yesterday, a bank holiday Monday, people picnicking, sunbathing and playing games. It is never like this under normal circumstances, so what is going on in peoples heads - I have even heard several men say that they don't believe in the virus - I wonder what planet they are on?

  6. Mary, your picture collection is so very beautiful - well worth a calendar or poster.
    Sorry to read you are experiencing "cloudy" times. Hopefully, what troubles you around your house and family will soon be over. As for the careless behaviour of some, there is little we can do about that; just keep sanity (of mind and body!) within our personal sphere of influence.

  7. Dear Mary,
    Just what we needed. Lovely photos reminding us that there is still a world out there where beauty and order exists.


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