Monday, May 18, 2020

Ready to leave home?

Can't say being constrained at home most days for many weeks is bothering me a lot.
I love being at home.
 However, I now find myself thinking more about what to plan for travel once we
 can actually pack up and go somewhere a little further than Costco! 
The cars sit in the driveway with full tanks and nowhere to roam.
The suitcases collect dust in the attic.

Here, inland, we are being blessed with gentle rain this morning as
 Tropical Storm Arthur, now just 50 miles off the North Carolina coast, 
is passing the Outer Banks with winds reaching 73 mph.  
Many hurricanes are forecast for this year's season, we wait and hope
 they aren't devastating.
People have enough to contend with already!

The garden needs a good deep water following the hot weekend, 
and rain is so much better than dragging the hoses around.
This week will see plenty of rain thanks to Arthur!

Speaking of gardens, how about this neighborhood gem.
When we walked Saturday we loved finding this U PICK - Everyone Welcome 
sign on a curbside raised bed. The gnome was cute keeping watch.
 Beans, tomatoes, peppers, squash etc. are coming along for picking soon, 
meanwhile I snipped a little bunch of curly parsley and pineapple sage.  

Pretty Serena & Lily summertime seaside offerings. 

Hopefully we will get to a coastal location sometime this summer.
Have you made any travel plans yet?

 My visit to the beautiful Cape Verde Islands last year - where most of the US east coast 
 hurricanes come from!  


  1. We had several bookings which have already passed now, but just in the UK. One hotel has given us our money back, but the rest are still hanging onto it. I am not too concerned as I imagine that they will honour the bookings when it is safe for them to do so, but when will that be? Hopefully later in the year.
    I don't feel compelled to travel overseas at the moment as I am just not sure exactly what country I would feel safe to be in currently - so no trips abroad for us this year.
    I love your veranda, what a charming place for you both to sit and relax in, or watch the birds, read your books, and wave to passersby.

  2. No travel plans. Feeling upset about it. I'd love to go somewhere but it still doesn't feel safe.

  3. Oh good. I can't imagine that you are not planning something.

    Alas, my plans for visiting the family cottage in NB are on hold. The rumor is that the border may not open for months. We have to have hope, but I am not holding my breath.

    How sweet of your neighbor to grow produce for others...a blessing!

  4. I am most definitely ready for a road trip!!! I hope Arthur blows itself out quickly for you guys! It is nice when it rains though and you get a little break from watering the garden. We are expecting rain and thunderstorms all this week here in North Idaho. I absolutely LOVE that little U-Pick garden! What a sweet idea! I am going to stow that little idea away for when we are able to buy a place of our own.

    I hope you get to go on a road trip soon!


  5. Travel bookings to our holiday home in France have been cancelled - it may be 1 to 2 years before we once again fling open the shutters of My French Folly - but keeping ourselves and other people safe is more important.
    This is my first visit to your blog. I'm touched by the generosity of your neighbour.
    Your images are beautiful and enable me to arm chair travel during this period of restricted movement.
    Stay safe and keep smiling.

  6. I spent my 60th at Cape Verde, we were there Feb 2019 and it was very windy, the beach was closed off although they had professional surfers with brightly coloured sails competing for championships. It is a beautiful place. Your neighbourhood is beautiful, I think decking veerandahs and porches are something the UK needs to start incorporating into new builds - we don't have them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Betty. I see you are quite a traveler also, and the only person I've 'met' either in person or virtually who has visited the Cape Verde Islands! We were there in Oct. 2019 as part of a small ship expedition cruise to Morocco, Western Sahara and the islands. You can see more of our visit if you click on the Cape Verde Islands photo on righthand column.

      Stay safe and be well, I'm sure you are hoping to travel again soon!
      Mary -

  7. No real travel plans possible here just yet; we are resigned to the fact that we won't make it to Yorkshire this year. Flights are simply not going, and a trip across any country border is unwise for us right now. In September, we will try to have the holiday we couldn't have earlier this month, in a spa hotel in the mountains (not crossing any country borders for that). In the meantime, like you I enjoy my home, even though I have no garden - and of course the wonderful countryside around O.K.'s village on weekends.

  8. I am not planning a trip anytime soon. We are having rain all week. So inside I stay! What a great neighbor to offer his veggies!

  9. We've been home for well over 3 months now. Although I love being home, I miss the little thrift store trips. :) I look forward to when we can actually hop on a plaine and head to NC. Miss everyone so much! xx ps. Serena and Lily, oh so lovely!

    1. I miss you so much - come back soon as possible - meanwhile all stay safe.
      Mary XXX

  10. What a beautiful porch you have! I love that chandelier. Do you have three vehicles?

    We are being deluged with rain now. It's been raining non-stop for three days. Lots of localized flooding.

    How wonderful that those homeowners are letting people pick their produce!

    I am hoping to go on 2-3 weekend getaways this fall, providing places are opened back up. I want to travel to St Louis to visit my cousin; meet up with my friend from Canada, somewhere in MI; and go somewhere (not sure where yet) for our anniversary in Sept.

  11. No, just the two white cars - the red one is our neighbor's! Our porch is small, room for 4 to sit comfortably - we love it and make good use of it.
    Like you, our gentle rain turned into two solid days and nights of heavy downpours from Arthur. The garden is saturated and grass is brilliant green again - was just starting to get a little crisp from those almost 90F days!
    Hope your trips, and everyone else's, come to fruition later this year - just don't think any of us are going far for a while!


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