Thursday, June 4, 2020

Do you see it?

Do you see what I added to the last little photo?
Yes, us at the beach another time - in a different world.
 I really do wish we could be down at the North Carolina
 shore this coming weekend with the weather being so good.

This is what I really miss right now -

The crash of the Atlantic Ocean waves 
Waving 'across the pond' to family and friends in Europe (I always do!)
The fragrance of clean, pure sea air 
The calling of the hungry seabirds along the shoreline
The line of diving pelicans along an incoming wave
Watching surfers and fishing folk on the beach
Walking along the boardwalk, over the dunes, and along the sand
Meeting and chatting with beach walkers and their dogs 
Searching for a few perfect and pretty shells to tuck in my pocket

then -

Lazily swinging on a wooden porch swing on the boardwalk
Watching the evening fishing trawlers offshore
Washing my feet off under the ice cold water tap on the well-worn beach steps
Pulling my sandals back on
Meandering through the hotel lobby, across the street to Magic Beans for coffee
Catching up with old beach friends of several years

and later -

Showering and dressing casually for dinner out - oh to have a dinner out
and served to me, it has been so long. . . . . 
Breathing the salty evening air blending with fresh fish, shrimps, scallops
Sitting on a beachfront patio with a well-chilled glass of rosé
The orange sunset to the west
Smiling at the arrival of the seafood platter, always "too much" but always eaten!
Perhaps time - well there's always time at the beach - for a nightcap at
 our favorite (and one of America's best) dive bars, The Fat Pelican.

A great night's sleep with the balcony window wide open and the ocean sounds below.

It's so sad knowing our beach friends with businesses must be suffering, hotels too,
due to the restrictions brought by COVID-19.  We hope they will still be there 
when we return and we can support them again.
Please wait for me beautiful Atlantic shore - we'll be back some day, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile another 91F day here, and curfew continues tonight.
A peaceful protest late afternoon yesterday - no local rioting or looting in the 
night thankfully.


  1. I love the beach too Mary. You will be back there in the not to far future I hope! Your day you described sounds perfect!

    1. I know you love visiting the Florida beaches Penny - hope you can go back soon.

  2. Lovely photos. I can imagine your longing to go to the beach. It's always so relaxing to be by the water.

    1. I hope you are doing OK - know the weather is hot for you too - hoping you are able to visit your lovely coastline soon.

  3. Dear Mary - I feel the same, but it will happen again, and we will get to travel to the sea once more.
    I am pleased to learn that things are now calmer in your area, however, 91F is too hot for me. We have been having 27 - 28C and even that is hotter than I like. Give me a hot day along with some fresh cooling ocean breezes - perfect.

    1. It's hot but we try not to complain as there's just too many other things to get overly concerned about. More virus deaths and people being hospitalized this week which means we must stay close to home for longer and still be vigilant - which many aren't!
      I think of the day in Bath last year - it already feels so long ago and time was so different. I hope so much days will be like that again dear Rosemary.

  4. Hopefully, you will be able to go very soon, especially if the temps stay that warm. Nothing like cooler ocean air. Glad to know that things are quieting down. 🌊👒🌊

    1. The beach will have to wait until Fall I think Vee - hotels are not open yet, plus it's too hot down here in Summer for beach trips for us. Perhaps we can get to the mountains instead - and that would be lovely!

  5. It's been hard missing our favorite getaways and restaurants, hasn't it? Restaurants are now open here, but outdoor/patio dining only. We had lunch on the patio of a local restaurant the other day and it was wonderful. It's been overly hot and humid here, too already - high 80's - low 90's. This weekend it's dipping down into the 70's for just those two days, but I'll take it! I'm hoping to be able to turn off the AC and let fresh air into the house once again.

    1. It's so long since I've been to a restaurant, I've forgotten how it feels to actually be served food I haven't had to cook!

  6. We have decided to go to the Oregon shore for 3 nights in August. We rent a small cottage that looks at the sea. Very few people go to this beach even in normal times and we can take our own food. I am so looking forward to getting away then.

    1. That sounds perfect and something to look forward to Marilyn.

  7. Dear Mary,
    One of these days I will walk along the edge of an ocean. The Atlantic, the Pacific, I don't care. Just smell the ocean and hear it crash along the shoreline. That would be bliss.


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