Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June Garden. . . . . in New Blogger? NO!!!!

The garden this past weekend.

Yes, as always, I have a garden To Do list but, as of right now, 
there's nothing to do because it's raining again and will continue for days.
'Flaming June' has disappeared - today feels more like winter!

 I tried very hard to create this post in 'New Blogger' but gave up and toggled
 back to old and much loved original Blogger. 
I had a lot of problems and such a slow response to
 anything I was trying to do. . . . . .I gave up. 
Will try again later. . . . . . . perhaps!

Instead I'm off to make pesto, a large batch from the first basil picking.
Sounds like much more fun than blogging!


  1. I published my first post using new Blogger today. At first I thought I was going bro hate it but it worked out fine. Let me know if you have problems.

  2. I just came back to blogger to the new design and having trouble too. Your garden pictures look pretty. I wished mine look good this year, but I did not do much.

  3. I found myself feeling the same way. But I found that a few other bloggers were getting past the struggles and that encouraged me to try again. I'd gone into the new Blogger 2 - 3 times, and about the 3rd or 4th try, I suddenly realized I wasn't struggling quite as hard. The learning curve was beginning to flatten out. There are things I don't like about the new way, but I'm beginning to adapt and I don't feel so frustrated anymore. If there's anything I can do to help, I'm willing to share the bits I figured out, do let me know.

    I love your garden mosaic. I especially gravitate toward those pink petunias. What a lovely colour of pink. And I do love that birdhouse shot!

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Mary.
    Brenda xox

    1. Thanks dear Brenda, may have to take you up on that offer if I still can't 'get it'. I will try again and keep notes/questions as to what I may continue to find difficult. I'm just sad knowing Blogger is going down the same path as much of today's society. . . . .making another thing phone easy rather than computer friendly!
      Yes, those particular pink petunias really are pretty - I'm going to look for more if this rain ever stops!

  4. Your June garden is looking healthy and lush. I can see that basil in the upper right corner just waiting to be turned into delicious pesto. All this rain is sure to bring the next crop along in no time.

    I have used new Blogger once and after I figured out how to enlarge photos, it seemed to go smoothly. Having said that, I was happy with things as they were. Why must they always change things??

  5. Your garden pictures are lovely. Sorry you are having a problem with the new blogger. Rain and cold here too.

  6. Dear Mary - just keep on trying from time to time and if you get frustrated do what you did today i.e. switch back to the old. I have no problems with the new but sometimes I find that something has changed from the previous post that I did. I suspect that blogger is trying different things out and changing things around at the moment until they get everything correct. For example I used the same size for the text today as I did for my previous post but it came out far larger, too large, so I switched back to old blogger to get the size I normally use. That is what makes me think that somewhere in the background they are still messing around with things. We are all happy to help you anytime💕

  7. Lovely flowers. I too am having trouble. Posted using new blogger but today still using it it refused to let me see or read anyone else's blog so I changed back!

  8. Your garden is lovely and how it will love the rain and cool weather even when you will have had quite enough. I'm still working through the new platform myself. I hope that we'll all safely cross over as there'll be no alternative at a later date.

  9. That's a beautiful bowl of basil. I do love pesto!
    I dislike some features of the new Blogger, and don't like that everything is being made mobile friendly. I really dislike reading blogs on my phone and almost never do so. I haven't had any difficulties with posting via the new version, and I am very willing to help in some way, if I can.
    Change is not always good!
    I hope the pesto making was more satisfactory.

  10. I didn't even know you could go back to the old Blogger! Yes, it is aggravating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. I just don't understand why they have to mess with stuff though. It was fine as is!

    My basil is in two small pots right now; it's just getting going. In the meantime, I bought a container of the vegan pesto at Trader Joe's because it sounded interesting. I haven't tried it yet though. Do you have any interesting ways of using pesto other than on pasta?

    I hope your weather clears up so you can get back to working outside. We've had a string of beautiful days here, but now temps are climbing again, which means the rain is coming in...forecast shows rain this coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Oh well, that means all our plants will be extra beautiful from the combination of sun, heat and rain! :-)

  11. I have started and stopped four times with New Blogger. I don’t like it and will stay with Old Blogger until it virtually disappears. As I understand it that will be next month close to the end. Stay well, I hope your rain goes away soon.

  12. I don't like new blogger either. Your garden is impressive. How delicious to have home made pesto, I gave up growing basil as the slugs always find it before I can get near it!

  13. I have not yet tried my hand at the new blogger; I will need time and peace and quiet for that, which is hard to find during the working week, and on weekends I am either at O.K.'s or he is here with me. We'll see!
    Mmmmh, I love pesto! May I subscribe to a small jar of yours? ;-)

  14. Dear Mary,
    Your basil looks terrific. You harvested it at its prime. Your pesto will be so delicious.

    Give me a call and I will walk you through the new Blogger.


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